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On average, composite decking in Mountain Home cost is around $30 to $35 per square foot. There are different types of composite materials that you can choose from for your decking needs, and these materials have varying prices. For instance, polythylene-based Mountain Home composite decking can cost $6.50 to $7.90 per square foot. Polypropylene-based decking is estimated to be around $7 to $8.70 per square foot and solid polyvinyl chloride-based decking, is estimated to be around $8.50 to $9.50. On average, most homeowners are paying an estimated amount of $8,000 to $20,000 for installing a composite decking in Mountain Home.

Estimated final cost for composite decking

Item Quantity Fair Price
Synthetic Decking Cost 215 Square Feet $1,491.14
Synthetic Decking Labor 7.4 Hours $193.30
Synthetic Decking Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $63.53
Synthetic Decking Equipment Allowance $57.78
Totals - Cost to Install Synthetic Decking - 215 Square Feet $1,805.75
Average Cost Per Square Foot $9.03

Does composite decking in Mountain Home still require maintenance?

Yes, definitely. They are still subject to scratches and warping that needs to be addressed by professionals. However, they are low in maintenance as compared to other decking materials.

Why is composite decking in Mountain Home costlier than wood decking?

While it is true that wood decking can be built at a much affordable price, it can incur costs after the installation. You need to pay for it to be maintained and you need to seal and refinish them. Meanwhile, composite decking may have a high initial cost but it will pay off for itself in the long run because it's durable, it doesn't rot and you do not have to stain, seal or refinish it.

What are the available colors for composite decking in Mountain Home?

The major colors popular to composite decking are gray, beige, red, light to medium brown and dark brown. Other colors maybe available depending on the manufacturer.

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There are other factors that can affect the cost of your composite decking in Mountain Home such as the deck material and the size of the deck that you want, the labor, and other miscellaneous fees. While it has been listed that the average cost for a Mountain Home composite decking project goes from around $8,000 to $20,000, this amount can be reduced or can go significantly higher depending on the size of your deck and what materials you will use. If you want to stick with a budget, make sure that you get estimates from trusted contractors. Compare the prices and choose one which will fit your budget and needs. Your decking project costs can also be affected by the labor cost. Hiring a professional carpenter or handyman can be cost-effective if you are dealing with a small decking project. However, large composite decking in Mountain Home may require the attention of a contractor. They can charge you a fixed price for the job or they can charge you per hour. It will depend on the scope of the project and difficulty. Other fees that might affect the cost of your project include securing permits and purchasing decors and other special features for your Mountain Home composite decking.

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