Whether you’ve already purchased your dream home or still live in a temporary place, improving your quality of life is always the priority. Certain home upgrades are a must, such as nontoxic wall paint and natural lighting, but other projects are also highly recommended, such as soundproofing and water filtering. 

While the upfront costs of some of these improvements require investment, you'll see savings over time and most importantly, health benefits as well. Even simple fixes can have a big impact. Keep reading to find out some of the best home upgrades you can make for your health! 

Whole-House Water Filter

Keep your family safe from lead, chlorine, and industrial chemicals with a whole-house water filter system, as some studies have already proven the existence of high amounts of dangerous substances in unfiltered tap water.

This type of system is also recommended in older homes with outdated plumbing or homes that use well water since it could contain contaminants that can negatively impact your health.

Non-Toxic Paint

Among other benefits, a key pro of using non-toxic paint is that it is kinder to those with chemical sensitivities and allergies, something you have to keep in mind when there are children or elderly living in the house. 

If your home was built before 1978, you will need to test the paint before embarking on the renovation, though. You can choose to simply paint over old layers, but avoid sanding lead-based paint, as this will release lead dust into your home. 

Look for VOC-free inks that are Green Seal certified, which means they do not contain certain heavy metals, carcinogens, and ecologically harmful compounds.

HVAC Filters

To improve indoor air quality, you need to change your HVAC filters regularly. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, one option is a HEPA filter, which is available for both HVAC systems and portable air purifiers. For maximum allergen reduction, see if your other pieces of equipment are also equipped with a HEPA filter.

Sustainably Grown Hardwoods

Natural materials such as wood can also be mixed with toxic chemicals. Particleboard, chipboard, and composite often contain formaldehyde, a chemical that can cause skin and respiratory irritation. Choose sustainably grown hardwoods, and pay attention to other materials used around the house. 


Soundproofing can make your home a haven from outside noise. It may not seem like a big deal for those used to city noise, but a well-slept and silent night of sleep can do wonders to your health and mood. Soundproofing is also a must for those who work or study from home since outside noise can greatly disrupt your concentration. 

Install sound-dampening materials such as acoustic tiles and extra drywall, and fill in gaps around doors and windows with caulking to absorb and block out sound.

Interior Garden

Houseplants increase air quality and balance indoor humidity, and are also great for mental and emotional health. If you opt for an indoor herb garden, you can even add essential micronutrients to your diet. Here are some ideas of what to plant:

  • Vegetables: carrots, peppers, lettuce, and tomatoes.
  • Herbs: basil, chives, mint, parsley, and thyme.

Natural Lighting

The daylight that comes in through the windows can do wonders for your mood and health. Efficiently adding a window can be expensive, but the benefits, such as savings in energy costs, can outweigh the cons.

Central Vacuum System

Only those who have lived in a home with a central vacuum system know how great it is. The ease of use, better air quality, and longevity of the system are just some of the benefits. 

The system has a central power unit, which is connected by piping to a series of inlets installed in the walls of your home. So you just need to connect a hose to the inlet and start vacuuming up dust and food crumbs. 

The central unit is typically much more powerful than a handheld vacuum, so it picks up more dirt and allergens faster, and anything that gets pulled out of the house is deposited in a canister or bag near the central power unit.

Contact a local home improvement company to transform your home and make your life much easier.


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