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Window shades in Brick come in many varieties and styles. There are low-cost shades and custom shades that are available in the market today. Low-cost window shades include basic roller shades that are cut-to-order to ensure that they will be a perfect fit to your windows. They’re relatively cheaper and can only cost around $7 to $25 per piece and can be installed easily without the need of a professional. Custom shades, on the other hand, have the clean and fitted look of their low-cost counterpart. However, they have added features like cordless operation, energy efficiency, and automatic movement. They also require professional installation. The cost of a custom window shade in Brick depends on what features a homeowner will choose to go with the shade and the size of the window. It is estimated to cost around $150 to $200 per window and can go as high as $1,000 or more with added features.

Estimated final cost for window shades

Item Quantity Fair Price
Window Shade Cost 1 Shade $71.04
Window Shade Labor 2 Hours $87.44
Window Shade Job Materials and Supplies 1 Shade $19.21
Totals - Cost to Install Window Shades - 1 Shade $177.70
Average Cost Per Shade $177.69

What will be the difference between inside mount and outside mount in Brick?

The significant difference between inside and outside mount is just how the shade can be hung. Inside mount is affixing the shade inside the window sill so the shades are flush together with the wall. Outside mount is if your shade hangs outside of the window sill and extends past the wall or door.

How can window shades in Brick be energy-efficient?

When correctly installed, window shades could be one of the many least complicated and most effective window treatments for conserving energy. Shades have to be mounted as near the glass as possible with the sides of the shade kept near to the wall to establish an enclosed air space. You must lower shades on sunlit home windows during summer time. Shades on the south side of a house have to be raised within the winter season in daytime, then lowered at night time. For improved efficiency, make use of dual shades that can be reversed together with the seasons. The reflective surface must always face the warmest side.

How can I maintain my window shades in Brick?

Maintenance of window shades will depend on the type of material and fabric used. Most window shades will need frequent dusting and mild vacuuming.

Find the Best Costs on Window Shades - Brick, 08723

Finding the right and affordable window shades in Brick for your window treatment need is easy. They are available in many shopping stores, home improvement stores, window treatment boutiques, and online retail shops. If you are on a tight budget, you may look for discounted Brick window shades in department stores. Branded window shades can cost as low as $143 to $211 each.

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