Our Vision

Our Vision

Home is very personal. Home services and remodeling is very local. We understand this. Our mission is to connect homeowners with local pros who understand how personal a home is.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Small businesses are the engine that powers the country and their local communities. We are building a great company by helping small businesses build theirs. We believe local contractors are the experts at what they do. We are building technology to help them connect with great customers.

Our Values

  • We strive to create a welcoming work space, with open sharing of ideas
  • We value execution, speed and data driven decision making
  • We’re not afraid of hard problems, we embrace them.
  • Our aim is to constantly innovate, while keeping a humble attitude

What Defines Us

Our impact

Who is using homeyou?

The HomeYou Referral Program has been SUPERB! We have been using online referral services for a little over a decade and this solution is definitely by far the best. The solution not only produces consistent results but is also cost effective and provides a level of accountability. HomeYou is a great company to partner with as they truly care about results and are there every step of the way to bring their aggregate knowledge to the table to ensure success. We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to work together successfully with them and plan on working with them for many years to come.

Colby Geiser - Owner Colby Geiser - Owner World Painting Company

Our business is based in a small town, which makes it difficult to find a large client group. Homeyou has helped us tremendously. We have received so many leads from them. Our company is really growing due to them. And the leads that they have given us have turned into great sales and quality clients. The program is so easy to follow and the staff at Homeyou is so helpful. If you want your business to grow this is the company to use.

Lee Brown - Master Arborist Lee Brown - Master Arborist New Leaf Tree and Shrub Care

I’ve had a great experience using homeyou. I can honestly say that the service has helped me grow and maintain steady business, even in the short time I’ve been using it.

Andrew Strigle - Managing Partner Andrew Strigle - Managing Partner Crossroads Group