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Junk is different from waste, therefore, the cost of having them removed is different too. Junk is less dangerous than waste, however, it is usually big and bulky. To put it simply, junk removal pertains to the removal of large belongings like mattresses, furniture, appliances, pianos, and many more. On average, homeowners normally pay between $225 and $247 for a junk removal service, even though the costs can depend mainly on the content, capacity, and available service policies. Tucson junk removal services will remove the junk from houses ranging around $200 for removal on a private home and around $250 for removal from an apartment.

Estimated final cost for junk removal

Item Quantity Fair Price
Debris Labor 5.5 Hours $64.28
Debris Debris Disposal Costs $172.24
Totals - Cost to Remove Construction Debris - 6 Cubic Yards $236.52
Average Cost Per Cubic Yard $47.30

Why do you need to personally see the junk in Tucson to give me an accurate price?

Keep in mind that the pricing for junk removal depends on the size and volume of the items to be removed and how much space they will take up in the truck. Prices may vary as well depending on the weight and type of the material that you want to be removed from your home. This conditions make it difficult for junk removal companies to give accurate estimates unless they see the items.

Is it possible to remove my junk in Tucson even if I am not around?

Yes. Although most junk removal companies would prefer to have the presence of the customer in the location during the junk removal process. However, they take into consideration the availability of the customer and their schedule. Normally, in the absence of the client, the staff will give the client a call about the prices of the junk removal service. They will proceed with removing it once the client gives them the go ahead.

Why should I hire junk removal services in Tucson instead of a dumpster?

Junk removal companies are the ones who do the sorting, loading, clean-up, and removal of the junk all in one day. They remove the items regardless of where they are located in your house. On the other hand, a rented dumpster only sits on your property waiting to be loaded. And to point it out, you will have to do all the loading yourself. A junk removal company charges by the yard loaded, while a dumpster rental company charges by the entire volume and weight of the dumpster, regardless of how much you fill. Also, junk removal companies can secure the permit for you. If you rent a dumpster, you will have to be the one to get the permit.

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Junk removal in Tucson services charge two fees. One for the type or size of the junk and one for the number of truckloads or time it takes to tow the junk. Some additional charges may be included for delivering the waste to its proper place. Homeowners should maintain a list of the items that have to be professionally removed, especially if some require special instructions.

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