Chimney caps have been the point of focus for most roofs. From afar, they look beautiful and they easily complement the exterior look of any house. But despite the good aesthetics, these caps are essential to your roof.

They play a huge role not just in ventilating the home but also in protecting the chimney from damage. Below, you will find out how chimney caps can benefit you and your home, and everything else you should know about!

What Are Chimney Caps?

Before we start talking about chimney cap installation and its benefits, it is important to highlight what we are talking about here. 

A chimney cover plate is simply a metal structure affixed at the top of the chimney to provide some sort of cover. 

Now, it’s easy to mistake the chimney cap for the chimney crown or the chase cover. But in most cases, the chimney cap is rarely visible from the outside, unlike the chimney crown.

Why is the Chimney Cap So Important?

As noted above, the role of the chimney cap goes well beyond the aesthetic appeal. These structures play a key role in the safe and efficient operations of your chimney. 

Here are some of the benefits that come from chimney cap installation:

Keeps the Water Out 

The last thing you need is water from the roof or even the rain finding its way into the house through the chimney. This creates unsanitary conditions and it can be very dangerous as well. 

Besides, anyone who knows a thing or two about a chimney will tell you that moisture tends to be the biggest enemy. But you won’t have this issue if indeed you get a cap properly installed on the chimney.

Contains Embers and Sparks 

Chimneys as you know are used for heating and this makes them fire hazards if they are not handled correctly. 

Embers and sparks, in particular, need to be contained inside the chimney where the risk of fire is massively low. This is what the cap does. It ensures that these fire hazards do not escape into the roof.

Keeps Animals Out 

In most cases, animals will look for refuge during bad weather. They will try any open space they can find and the chimney is no exception. 

The good thing is that the cap will stop them in their tracks. Even if you are still debating the choice between a flue cap vs chimney cap, both these options will help with this. 

After all, the last thing you need here is to have a family of rodents or any other animals living in your chimney. This will not only make the chimney inefficient but it creates a lot of health hazards for the homeowner.

Keeps Debris Out 

The cleanliness of your chimney will more or less determine how efficient it is. With a cap on, you will be able to keep off any form of debris easily. 

We are talking about leaves, large rocks, or anything else that may limit the passage of soot out of the burning area. 

Besides, some people ask, does a chimney cap reduce draft? Well, the answer here is also yes and it does this to a huge extent. So, no matter how you look at it, the cap will always be an integral element in keeping the chimney clean all year.

How Often Should You Get Chimney Cap Replacement

Now that you know some of the key benefits that come with chimney caps, the next thing would be to give you some ideas on when to replace these important accessories. 

Typically, the caps can offer service for many years. But a regular chimney inspection can easily tell you when it's time to replace it. 

Chimney caps are some of the most integral parts of any chimney and they play many key roles. They only need proper maintenance every now and then.

Contact a local chimney cap installation service to solve all your doubts and request a free quote!


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