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The custom closet’s cost depends mainly on the design and the customizing process of building it. Some of the factors that may affect the cost are the size, overall design, accessories included, style and finishes. You may want to add a jewelry drawer to your closet or a cabinet lighting. These accessories can be added to your custom closet for around $50 to $200. The finishes that will be used to your custom closet may vary and can significantly affect the cost of the closet that you want. A typical white laminate closet costs around $125 per linear foot. So a mere 20 linear foot closet will cost you $2,500, all taxes and installation fee included. An average 35 linear foot closet with simple design costs around $4,375. If you want more intricate designs and accessories included in your custom closet, they can cost around $938 up to $4,694.

How will I know the perfect Union City custom closet that fits my needs?

You need to determine first what is your allotted budget and what do you need. Try to check and review different kinds of closets and see what is best suited for your situation. If you have the time, visit local closet shops or search online. You will be surprised to see the different designs and features of custom closets available for you. Once you have an idea of what you want, talk to a professional about it.

What type of hanging rod is the best for my closet in Union City?

The hanging rod is a significant component of a closet. A wooden bar has the tendency to slump and break if used with heavy clothing. Vinyl sheathing can be used to cover wooden rods. However, it does not contribute to its strength and durability. It is recommended to use metal rods instead. Metal is sturdy and can withstand piles of heavy load.

Is it possible to bring my Union City custom closet if I move to another house?

Yes. However, you should be cautious about it. A custom closet is generally built to fit the current space of your living quarters. If you move it to another place, there is a high possibility that it may not fit. Although there are closet shops that can restructure custom closets, it will be very time-consuming and might cost you more than what you expect.

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Trying to spend money building a new Union City custom closet may sound costly, but it is guaranteed to be an experience that can alter your life. There is no price for an orderly and clean room or living space. You can sure buy a ready-made closet at a lower price, but the disappointment it may give you when it turns out to be too small to accommodate all your things or low in quality that it gets damaged easily, will be really stressing. A custom closet in Union City is a sound investment that will save you time and energy organizing your belongings.

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