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Exterior doors in Los Angeles come at different prices. If you go to a store, you might get an extensive list of quotation containing different prices for different manufacturers and models. A central entry door for your exterior can cost around $50 up to $300, depending on the size and material. If you include the installation, it can go as much as $200 to around $800. If you opt for a more attractive and sturdy door, it can cost you $200 to $2000 or $350 up to $3500 including the installation cost. Deluxe double doors, glass panels, and stylish kinds are estimated to be $2000 up to $8000 if you purchase them from the manufacturer and can be around $179 to $293 with installation included.

Estimated final cost for exterior doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Exterior Door Cost 1 Door $3.37
Exterior Door Labor 3 Hours $149.86
Exterior Door Job Materials and Supplies 1 Door $23.10
Exterior Door Equipment Allowance $60.07
Totals - Cost to Hang Exterior Doors - 1 Door $236.40
Average Cost Per Door $236.39

Will Los Angeles exterior doors need maintenance?

The answer is yes. Like all other components of your house found inside and outside, exterior doors will also need maintenance and repair. Weatherstrips and sweeps at the bottom of the door should regularly be replaced due to wear and tear. It is also advised to do cleaning and finish maintenance regularly to ensure that the quality of the door is being preserved.

On what part of the Los Angeles door is a corner pad located and what is it for?

A corner pad is a small foam pad that has an adhesive rear specifically designed to prevent air and water penetration at the area where the weatherstrip and sill meets. This area is vulnerable and should be kept sealed by corner pads. It is recommended that corner pads be installed on all the vertical jambs above the threshold just at the back of the weatherstrip.

Is it possible for a storm door to be installed at the front of my entry door?

Technically, you can use storm doors. However, it is not advisable to use doors that are painted and stained with dark colors and located in the area of your house that is exposed to high heat and direct sunlight. In these cases, you may use vented storm doors that will allow trapped heat to escape, thus extending the life of your exterior door.

Is it practical to buy doors that are already refinished from factories or just have it finished upon installation in Los Angeles?

If you want the best results, we advise you to purchase pre-finished products. It is because achieving the quality results that you want after the door has been installed would be quite a challenge. Staining and finishing doors on the site can be quite messy, plus you may need to pay extra for the labor.

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Generally, the cost of purchasing and having to install Los Angeles exterior doors will all depend on the type of door you choose, the materials used to build it, the design and the location of your home. The sturdier the door is, the more secure and higher the price will be.

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