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Now you know how important Rowland Heights hurricane impact doors are, the next obvious question is - how much are they? The exact costs of a hurricane impact door are difficult to pinpoint as there are a lot of factors to consider. One big factor is the type. If you are thinking of a simple wooden (or wood-looking) door that has no windows, then it's relatively cheap. When it comes to reinforcing doors, it's actually the glass that's the weakest link. Hence, much of the costs will go into using a special kind of glass that is impact-resistant and can stand strong hurricane winds. Other than that, the cost is just properly securing the door into place, which is not very expensive to do.

Estimated final cost for hurricane impact doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Exterior Door Cost 1 Door $3.39
Exterior Door Labor 3 Hours $150.64
Exterior Door Job Materials and Supplies 1 Door $23.22
Exterior Door Equipment Allowance $60.38
Totals - Cost to Hang Exterior Doors - 1 Door $237.64
Average Cost Per Door $237.63

How long will it take to install a hurricane impact door in Rowland Heights?

If you choose a professional service, then you can expect a fast turn-around time. At the very least, you can expect everything to be completed in 3-5 weeks. This might sound long for a simple door replacement, but it's actually the entire project time. A contractor can't simply arrive in your property and do the installation immediately. Most of the time, there is a waiting period for acquiring of permits and dealing with homeowners association approvals. Also, holidays and the weather condition may affect the turn-around time.

Why choose a hurricane impact door in Rowland Heights versus shuttering my home?

While shuttering your home is always an option, it's simply not the most efficient solution. Shuttering a home will cost you time, labor, and money. If you consider all factors, then shuttering is actually the costly alternative. As an additional bonus, most home insurance companies will give you a good discount if you have code-approved hurricane doors.

What other benefits can I expect from a hurricane impact door in Rowland Heights?

Hurricane impact doors in Rowland Heights offer a lot of other benefits, which make them a good choice even if hurricanes don't happen all year round. For example, because of the nature of how hurricane doors are designed, you can expect a significant decrease of the outside noise when you are inside your home. Also, the glass in an impact door is specially designed to block out harmful UV light, which can damage your belongings like hardwood flooring, exotic rugs, furniture, and photographs.

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Another factor that affects the price is the exact location of your home. If your house is located near a hill or a mountain, then you don't need extra strong hurricane impact doors as the natural geographic features around your house can act as a shield. However, if your house is located in an open field or facing a body of water, then you can expect to pay more as your doors will need more reinforcing, which can get very complicated and labor-intensive.

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