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It has been stated that the average tree pruning in Morro Bay cost is around $400 with most homeowners spending as low as $180 and as high as $650. The cost of Morro Bay tree pruning greatly depends on several factors which include the size of the tree, location of the tree in your property, the type of tree, and the health condition of the tree. Generally, large trees are more expensive to prune than smaller trees. This is because of the difficulty of reaching its branches and the number of branches that have to be trimmed. Add to that the width and height of the tree that can add potential danger in pruning it. The average cost of pruning large trees is estimated to be between $800 and $1,000.

Estimated final cost for tree pruning

Item Quantity Fair Price
Tree Trimming Labor 2 Hours $439.33
Tree Trimming Equipment Allowance $122.03
Totals - Cost to Trim A Medium Tree - 1 Tree $561.35
Average Cost Per Tree $561.35

What is the best time of the year to prune trees in Morro Bay that drop their leaves?

Tree pruning for deciduous shade trees is advisable during late winter or around the months of February and March. Pruning is easier during these months because there is no foliage plus tree diseases and insect infestation are lower during this period.

Should wounds caused by tree pruning in Morro Bay be treated?

No. It has been proven that treating pruning wounds may interfere with the trees response to its wound and may trigger high risk of decay developing in the wound. Dressings are also not effective in preventing insect infestation.

What are the common tools used in tree pruning in Morro Bay?

For smaller trees, most professionals use basic tools like hand pruners, loppers, and handsaws. It is not advisable to use shears to prune young trees. If you are dealing with large size trees, it is best to contact professionals for the job.

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The type of the tree also plays a major role in determining the cost of tree pruning in Morro Bay. Trees with larger and harder branches may tend to cost more than trees with softer and less number of branches. If you are located in a place outside the service area of the arborist or tree care professional, you may have to pay extra for the travel fee. Labor, materials, and special equipment that will be used for tree pruning in Morro Bay will also affect the overall cost of your pruning job. Some Morro Bay tree pruning companies may do additional services without your knowledge so make sure that you inquire about the services included in the pruning package that you avail so you will not be surprised with your bill.

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