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The size of a tree has a major contribution to the overall cost of tree trimming. Practically, a larger tree will cost a homeowner more than a smaller tree. Larger trees have more branches that need to be trimmed and removed and may take a longer time to accomplish. Usually, trees that are less than 30 feet high, like Russian olive trees, can cost between $75 and $450. Trees that are higher than 30 feet and reach 60 feet may cost between $150 and $875. If the tree is 60 feet and taller, the cost would be between $434 and $645.

Estimated final cost for tree trimming

Item Quantity Fair Price
Tree Trimming Labor 2 Hours $429.34
Tree Trimming Equipment Allowance $110.71
Totals - Cost to Trim A Medium Tree - 1 Tree $540.05
Average Cost Per Tree $540.05

How will I know when and which trees need to be trimmed in Salinas?

Before proceeding with trimming the tree, the contractor will have to make a thorough inspection of the area and trees. He will need to analyze which trees may cause further concern and they will inform you of the work that needs to be done. After that, the contracted needs to go into every home within the area that may possibly get affected and notify them of the details. If in any case the property owner is not around when the tree trimming contractor arrives, they will need to leave a message stating a contact number to be called for questions.

Why do contractors have to trim so much in Salinas?

The primary aim of tree trimming is to achieve a 2 or 3-year clearance. There are trees that are located near power lines and contractors need to take into consideration how fast those trees grow. A silver maple tree for example that is 6 feet from a power line, growing 2 feet a year would probably be touching the line after 3 years. It is practical then to trim the tree at a minimum of 6 feet. It is very vital for trees to get properly trimmed according to the next lateral limb and not stubbed or this will cause a lot of potential hazard in the future.

I have tools that I think I can use to trim my tree. Can I do the trimming or cutting in Salinas of the branches on my own?

No. Especially if the tree is near or touching a power line. One wrong cut of a limb may result in a deadly accident. Jobs like this should best be left to the professionals that have years of experience in handling these difficult situations.

Find the Best Costs on Tree Trimming - Salinas, 93901

Aside from the cost per size of the tree, there are other added services that contribute to the cost of tree trimming. Emergency Salinas tree trimming may cost $250 per hour. To have broken or dead branches cleared from a large tree, homeowners may approximately need to pay $1,000. Other factors to consider are the location of the tree, accessibility, the health of the tree, and travel expenses if you are located outside the service area of the company.

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