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Purchasing a solar heating system is considered by many as an investment. The upfront cost is usually at $10,000 but your long-term savings will be substantial. Installation cost of a new Wilmington solar heating system offsets over the system’s lifetime. Fifty to eighty percent will be reduced from your natural gas bill that you have to pay for heating water alone. This doesn’t account for the savings that you can get from your monthly energy bills.

Who should I hire for the installation of my home's solar heating in Wilmington?

Solar heating systems are complex systems which means the amateurs and inexperienced are never reliable to conduct an installation. You need professional, licensed, insured, and well-trained installers to ensure the success of the entire endeavor. Just one wrong move and it can already jeopardize the whole project. Doing it on your own is as bad as hiring an inexperienced personnel. Talk to the most trustworthy professional installers in your area today. You can also get recommendations from your friends and family.

Will a solar water heating system be right for my property?

Most households use 65 gallons of hot water every single day. Daily activities such as washing clothes, taking baths or showers, and cleaning dishes all require hot water. A home that makes use of hot water can potentially save thousands of dollars with a solar water heating system. If your home is larger or if you have a bigger family, your savings will be bigger in comparison to homes with only 4 or fewer members.

Will I receive incentives for installing a new Wilmington solar heating system?

Yes, there are incentives that are given to homeowners for making use of solar heating in Wilmington. Talk to a professional installation company because they can help you get your incentives and rebates.

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The total savings and the cost of the solar heating system will depend on a lot of factors including the amount of energy that your household uses, the system’s ability to store and capture solar energy, your graphic location, and the size and type of the Wilmington solar heating system. If you want to get a much better sense of the savings and costs for the system, talk to professional Wilmington solar heating installers today. They can help you identify the amount of solar energy your home needs as well as in the selection of the right solar heating system for your home.

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    Wise Power Systems

    Rating: 84
    500 Philadelphia Pike. 
    WilmingtonDE  19801
  • 2

    Suntricity Power

    Rating: 90
    222 Philadelphia Pike. 
    WilmingtonDE  19809
  • 3

    Sun to Sun LLC

    Rating: 66
    10 Wilmington-West Chester Pike. 
    Chadds FordPA  19317
  • 4

    Liberty Service Company

    Rating: 75
    812 Philadelphia Pike. 
    WilmingtonDE  19801
  • 5

    Aviation Management Inc.

    Rating: 58
    4406 Tennyson Rd. 
    WilmingtonDE  19802
  • 6

    Chieffo Electric

    Rating: 60
    Chadds FordPA  19317