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Driveway pressure washing is one of the best ways to keep this outdoor area clean and functional. The steps are basically: gather equipment, clear and prepare the area, apply detergent, scrub it, set up the power washer, cover all sections, and rinse it thoroughly.

If you are considering power washing sidewalks or driveways, this article will give you all the detailed steps you need, plus some tips on which materials are necessary. Also, get to know the average prices of this service and find out the ideal contractors in the latter part of this article.

How To Pressure Wash A Driveway?

To achieve beautiful exterior driveway pavers in your home, you need to follow these 11 straightforward steps to pressure wash a driveway listed below. Don’t forget to take notes and be thoughtful at every step of the process!

1. Time Properly

Timing is crucial for successful pressure washing. Also, pressure washers have a voracious appetite for water, so, if your source is a water well drilling, it is advisable to plan your pressure washing sessions for times when water demand is at its lowest.

It is certainly not ideal to embark on this task during your laundry day or when your home is bustling with guests. Moreover, during drought conditions, it might be wise to delay your pressure washing until there is an ample water supply to support your efforts.

2. Gather Equipment

There are many popular driveway options available; regardless of which one you have, the equipment needed to clean it is the same. You will need the following items to have this task completed successfully:

  • a pressure washer
  • driveway-specific cleaning solution
  • safety gear (goggles, gloves)
  • stiff brush or broom
  • appropriate nozzle for your pressure washer

Assemble your equipment before doing anything else! After that, you can begin the actual pressure-washing process.

3. Prepare The Area

Remove trash cans, bikes, cars, and other possible obstacles to ensure a clean workspace by sweeping away loose dirt and debris to avoid scratches. Also, protect the parts of your house that you do not wish to get wet, such as windows, doors, plants, etc.

4. Apply Detergent

You will want to degrease the surface before coming in with the pressure washer. This step guarantees that those oil stains are gone at the end of the process, so make sure to apply a driveway-specific detergent to break down stains and grime.

5. Scrub Away

After you let it soak and allow the detergent to sit for a few minutes for optimal cleaning, you will need to use a stiff brush or broom to agitate tough stains. Put some effort into this part of the driveway cleaning task, as it will ensure a better and cleaner final look.

6. Prepare The Pressure Washer

Now, it is time to set up your pressure washer. You should connect the appropriate nozzle and hose to the machine. Also, make sure that there is a secure water supply; you don’t want to find yourself out of water in the middle of the process.

7. Begin From A Distance

Begin pressure washing a few feet away to prevent damage; these washers are actually quite potent and can cause some harm if not dealt with in the safest and smartest way – that is why there are some things you should never power wash.

Avoid trouble and start from a distance, especially if this is your first time pressure washing sidewalks and driveways.

8.  Move Methodically

With the pressure washer on, the best tip for you is to move methodically around the entire area you want to cover. It is a strong and fast machine, but that does not mean you should do it without care and dedication.

Work systematically, covering small sections at a time, ensuring even coverage.

9. Rinse Thoroughly

As well as in any other forms of walkway cleaning, power washing requires you to rinse the area thoroughly to make sure all products and dirt have been removed. Rinse the detergent and grime away, maintaining a consistent distance all the way.

10. Let It Dry

After all the steps above are done, it is time to wait! Allow your driveway to become completely dry, and then you can revel in the clean, refreshed look of the entrance of your home – whether you have just nailed pressure washing a stone patio or a concrete driveway!

11. Seal It Up

An extra tip is for you to seal the concrete of your driveway afterward. You can use a paint pan and a roller cover to pour waterproof sealer. Spread the product throughout the whole driveway area and give it some 24 hours without parking and walking on the surface.

How To Make Power Wash?

To make your driveway dazzle, mix the driveway cleaning solution according to the instructions of the manufacturer. A common DIY recipe is made of water, dish soap, rubbing alcohol, and optional essential oil. Then, load the solution into the detergent tank of the pressure washer.

How Much To Pressure Wash A Driveway?

On average, you might expect to pay between $ 100 to $ 300 for a professional service, depending on the driveway design idea you have at home and its size.

If you prefer a DIY approach, the cost will be determined by the price of renting or purchasing a pressure washer and buying cleaning solutions.

Follow these 11 steps to driveway pressure washing and guarantee a renewed entrance in your home. Not only will your property shine, but you'll also make a lasting impression on all who visit. The services of homeyou’s pressure cleaners will make the result even better, call them now!

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