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If you are trying to compute for the overall cost of a professional screen door installation in Atlanta, you need to take into consideration some factors. These factors include the kind of screen door that you will install, the materials needed, the size of the door, the choice of mesh, and the labor cost. It has been estimated that the majority of homeowners spend around $100 to $220 for a professional Atlanta screen door installation. Hinged or swing screen doors usually cost $90 to $110 to be installed. Retractable screen doors can be installed at around $120 to $150. Sliding screen doors will typically cost you around $100 to $120. If you are planning to get screen door installation in Atlanta for your garage door, expect to pay around $150 to $180.

Why is screen door replacement costlier than Atlanta screen door installation in a new spot?

Screen door replacement is more expensive because it will require the professional to remove and dispose the old screen door. If there is any damage present on the frame, it has to be fixed too. New screen door installation, on the other hand, does not require the stated processes.

Can I install my own screen door in Atlanta?

It depends on your knowledge of door installation and the kind of screen door that you are planning to install. Hinged or traditional swing screen doors can be easily installed. However, retractable and sliding screen door installations may require the attention of a professional.

What are screen doors in Atlanta made of?

Screen doors can be made of different materials. Most screen doors today are made of metal, vinyl, and wood.

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Screen door installation in Atlanta can come with safety features to make them more secure. A locking handle or knob can cost you an extra $90 to $120. If you will get a professionally installed keyed latch, lockset, or deadbolt with your Atlanta screen door installation, you might need to add an extra $150 to $165. The size of the door also influences the cost of your screen door installation in Atlanta. A standard sized hinged screen door can cost around $100 to $115 to be installed. You also need to take into consideration the condition of the installation site because it can affect the difficulty of the installation and may add to the costs. A professional may charge an average of $120 to $140 for the installation of a screen door. If you hire a contractor, it may cost your screen door installation in Atlanta around $200 to $270 for the supply and materials plus the labor cost.

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