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A general contractor can normally charge by the hour or by the project. A reliable Honolulu general contractor normally charges anywhere between $35 to $40. A general contractor can get involved with the actual physical work, or they hire subcontractors to work for them. A general contractor can charge based on the cost contract agreed upon. A cost contract can come in 3 different types; fixed price, time and materials cost, and cost plus a fee. In a fixed price contract, a contractor bids for the project for a certain price and that will be how much your project will cost. In a time and material contract, charging will be made in an hourly basis for the workers, and will have a markup fee for the materials and markup for all the subcontractors. Cost plus contracts are generally the same with time and material contracts, but the contactor sets a preset fee instead of markup. The fee will be dependent on the total cost of the project and the percentage return can decrease if the total cost exceeds what has been declared.

How do we determine a cost for my project in Honolulu?

To determine the cost of the project or make an estimate, you need to discuss with the general contractor in Honolulu your goals and plans for the project. You need to tell as much as possible how do you visualize the end result, how much will your budget be, and if you have any particular material that you want to be used in the project. All this into consideration, the contractor will draft a quote based on the budget versus the materials plus the labor cost on a given project timeline.

If the scope of the project changes during construction, how does a general contractor in Honolulu determine the additional fees?

The general contractor will draft an estimate based on the cost of the change. It will be the same as the base contract which will take into consideration the materials to be used, labor costs, and some other fees incurred during the construction.

Can I find out how long my project will take in Honolulu?

There is no definite way to determine the period of project completion. However, a general contractor will set a timeline based on the project information.

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In general, a general contractor can maintain some sense of order into a project to get it done, however, a homeowner must be vigilant as there are contractors who are greedy and may charge unreasonable feest. It is best to choose carefully the contractor bidding on the project and look after their work history to warrant their honesty and professionalism.

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