Fall is one of the best times of the year to do some basic maintenance. Whether it’s fall home maintenance services, doing repairs on the siding, or simply getting to that home improvement project you have been putting off, there’s no better time to get everything done. 

However, it is also important to always prioritize what you are working on. After all, it can be quite hard to find enough time to take care of all maintenance jobs at home by yourself. But there is no need to worry. 

In this post, I will give the full fall home maintenance checklist that you can use anytime!

Examine the Shingles 

The roof is the most exposed part of your house. Because of this, it is likely to suffer from the torments of weather and general wear and tear. Inspecting, therefore, has to be the first thing during fall. 

Pay attention to the shingles in particular since they suffer the most from bad weather. If there is any damage, consider replacements right away. 

Common signs of shingle damage include things like cracks, buckling, and looseness. You can use a home maintenance services provider if you don't have the skills to do these repairs independently.


You need to get your yard and garden ready for winter at the first sign of weather change, especially if you live in colder regions. Start by pruning your trees and shrubs, and always rake leaves as often as you can. Although the sight of fallen leaves changing colors in your yard can be beautiful, it’s not always decided. 

The leaves can cover your plants and prevent them from getting the sunlight they need, which can affect their growth and health. Piles of leaves can also attract unwanted wild animals and cause other problems. Stay on top of them to save you from future hassles. 

Check the Gutters 

The season also requires you to check your gutters. You want to be sure that your gutters are working in good condition. Again, a simple inspection here will be a perfect start. If there is any debris blocking the gutters including leaves, make sure it is cleared. 

Try to check if there are any leaks in the gutters. This will ensure that no water is lost during rain. Finally, gutters need to be firmly in place. Loose gutters will not only be inefficient but can also pose very serious safety risks as well.

Check the Chimney 

The chimney in most cases will be highly overworked during the cold winter months, so you need to get it ready for the season. This gives you the perfect chance to inspect it and conduct repairs as needed. 

Fall is also the best time to clean up the chimney, replace any important components, and rebuild it in time for the next winter. 

Even if you have done chimney maintenance before, you can get help from maintenance experts and inspectors just to be on the safe side.

Inspect the Concrete 

During the winter months, everything is literally covered in snow in many regions throughout the country. It can therefore be very difficult to tell if there is any damage to your concrete. 

Now is the time to inspect and get a perfect view of the concrete underneath. Pay attention and make sure everything is okay. 

In most cases, signs of concrete damage will involve large cracks, chipping, and even fading. Make sure that these issues are fixed as fast as possible.

Fix the Siding

One thing that you cannot afford to ignore during fall is the siding. Remember that this is the protective layer of your home that keeps you safe from all the weather elements. It gets damaged a lot. Watch out for cracks, dents, and any breakages. 

Fall maintenance is crucial in keeping your house looking good and fresh all year so you may need to hire a fall maintenance company. 

From something as simple as gutter cleaning to complex projects like roof repairs, autumn maintenance will always be a must for any homeowner out there.


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