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Unlike brick pavers, travertine pavers Des Moines require special ordering and sizing which will mainly depend on your paving project. It is estimated that homeowners tend to spend around $12 to $15 per square foot and an average of $14 per square foot for a 100 square feet paving project. Your geographical location, labor cost and availability of the travertine material are all important in computing for the cost of a Des Moines travertine pavers project. Travertine pavers are made of natural rocks, making them unique. Like marble and granite, no two pieces of travertine paver are alike. When estimating the cost, always keep in mind the cut of the paver. Uncut travertine pavers in Des Moines are considered to be more economical. However, they typically come in big slabs so you would still have to determine how and what cut do you prefer. It would be more expensive to have custom-cut travertine pavers based on your specifications. But, this can save you the burden of cutting and figuring the slabs on your own.

Estimated final cost for travertine pavers

Item Quantity Fair Price
Travertine Pavers Cost 535 Square Feet $2,171.01
Travertine Pavers Labor 67.2 Hours $3,625.96
Travertine Pavers Job Materials and Supplies 500 Square Feet $205.41
Travertine Pavers Equipment Allowance $64.93
Totals - Cost to Install Travertine Pavers - 535 Square Feet $6,067.31
Average Cost Per Square Foot $12.13

What are the surface finishes available for travertine pavers Des Moines?

Travertine pavers usually come in one of the three popular finishes. The tumbled finish which has a textured and porous surface and is greatly used around swimming pool areas, the honed surface which has a smooth and matte finish, and the polished finish that has a smooth and shiny surface.

What are travertine pavers Des Moines made of?

Travertine is a natural stone or rock that comes from the limestone family. They are natural deposits found mostly near warm or hot springs. Some people may refer to them as travertine limestone or travertine marble, even though they are neither of the two.

What is the typical thickness of travertine pavers in Des Moines?

The standard industry size or thickness for travertine pavers is 1.25 inches. However, some retailers and manufacturers offer other thickness options by special order, depending on your needs.

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The other materials needed for a travertine pavers Des Moines project can make up the rest of the project cost. Some homeowners tend to use travertine pavers together with other paver materials like concrete and brick, especially when dealing with big home improvement projects. If there are major things to be done before laying the pavers like excavation and other preparation procedures, the cost can dramatically increase. You may also need to consider the cost of sand, gravel, and sealing materials like grout. It is highly recommended that if you want to install travertine pavers Des Moines, purchase them in bulk. This makes the wholesale price more affordable and you can potentially save a lot. Laying pavers may seem like a do-it-yourself project to some people, but, if you do not have enough knowledge, it is advisable to hire professionals for the job. It will save you the costs of possible damage repairs and replacement in the future.

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