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Most homeowners let the damage on their asphalt sit around without getting any repair because they are scared of the cost associated with asphalt repair Lewiston. However, if you take into consideration how fast a small asphalt damage can escalate into far bigger problem that may cost you twice or thrice the amount of the repair, you might think again. If you are dealing with a damage on your asphalt paving, expect to pay around $1400 up to $2100 for a professional asphalt repair Lewiston.

Estimated final cost for asphalt repair

Item Quantity Fair Price
Driveway Cost 215 Square Feet $168.63
Driveway Labor 2.2 Hours $120.69
Driveway Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $21.16
Driveway Equipment Allowance $81.29
Totals - Cost to Install Asphaltic Concrete Driveways - 215 Square Feet $391.78
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.96

Can rain hinder my asphalt Lewiston repair or reinstallation?

It depends. If you are referring to light sprinkles, this is no problem, and the project could still go on. However, if it's a steady heavy or light downpour, the repair project should stop. If it is raining, the asphalt mix might cool down, and the proper compaction may not be achieved.

Why should I repair cracks and holes in Lewiston before sealing the asphalt?

It is important to fix any visible cracks and holes in your asphalt before applying sealant. Sealants are not created to repair asphalt damages, they are used as other protection and should only be applied after installation of new asphalt or after repairing the damage.

What is the usual cause of asphalt damages in Lewiston?

The main reason for failure for asphalt that has been properly installed is water penetration to the asphalt's base. This penetration results in the oxidation of the foundation, which then causes a drying out of the asphalt's binders. The asphalt then becomes brittle and will start to chip and crack, making it possible for more water penetration and further degeneration of the asphalt.

How do I prevent asphalt failure in Lewiston?

Regular protective maintenance will lengthen the life of your asphalt. Crack filling, seal coating, and asphalt patching are excellent protective ways to preserve your asphalt driveway or parking lot.

Find the Best Costs on Asphalt Repair - Lewiston, 83501

Professional asphalt repair Lewiston is not just about filling in cracks like most homeowners do. Professionals will find the root cause of the crack and will fix it from there to prevent further damage. Some may think that a crack may just cost a little to repair, but if a professional inspect it and find that the crack leads to a more complicated problem then the price may go higher. After Lewiston asphalt repair, most professional would recommend applying sealants. This just an optional addition to the repair but it can go a long way when it comes to protecting your asphalt. If you choose to have sealants applied as far of the repair process, expect to pay additional $300 to $500. In general, Lewiston asphalt repair involves placing a new layer of asphalt on top of the existing one. This process is more cost-effective that removing the old one and installing all over again. If your gravel foundation is still ok, the removal and installation may cost you around $355 to $427.

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