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It is estimated that the average cost of a fireplace repair in Pocatello is around $96 to $1,358 depending on the extent of the damage to the fireplace. Cracks on the fireplace are usually caused by expansion and contraction of masonry joints due to changes in temperature. If left unattended, it can allow smoke and carbon monoxide to get in between walls. These cracks are usually found at the back of a fireplace and can be repaired by a basic mortar repair if found earlier. However, if the crack is already severe, it can cause structural damage to the walls of the house and can cost you $3,500 and up for repairs. If you already notice the formation of cracks, have them fixed immediately. It will only cost you $150 to $180 for the repairs. Another damage that can go hand in hand with a crack is water leakage. Water can go through cracks, and with the passing of time, it will allow mold to form and wood supports to decay. It can also make dampers rust and can ruin mortars and any wood near the fireplace. If the crack is along the roofline and flashings, it can cost you around $140 to $160 to have it repaired.

I want to switch my wood burning fireplace in Pocatello into something different. Is it possible?

Yes. It is possible but will depend on the dimension of your fireplace. You may opt to install gas or pellet insert that will make your current fireplace more efficient.

Will it be safe to place a television on top of a fireplace in Pocatello?

It is highly advisable to use a mantel in between the fireplace and television. Please remember that the fireplace emits heat which is not good for a tv.

Will my Pocatello gas fireplace be usable during a power outage?

Yes, but only if it has a standing pilot light. If your gas fireplace has an intermittent pilot ignition, it will be needing electricity to ignite the pilot flame.

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Overall, Pocatello fireplace repair costs will depend on the extent of damage your fireplace has acquired. Your location, as well as the time of the year of when the repair will be done, can affect the cost of repair too. If you are located outside the service area of the repair company, you may incur additional fees for the travel and gas. It will be costlier to fix a fireplace during the wet and cold season. It is advisable to regularly to check your fireplace for any problem, and if any signs of issues are found, call a professional immediately to fix them right away.

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