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You have two options when you want to get a Ikea assembly in Moscow service. One is to have it assembled in the Ikea store but you have to purchase a delivery. The delivery cost starts at $89 and is based on the price of the product that you purchased but is not inclusive of tax. This delivery charge can fluctuate depending on your location or state. For instance, if you purchase a $89 delivery service, your assembly price for your flat-packed furniture would be around $1000 to $299. A $159 delivery service can cost your Ikea assembly in Moscow around $300 to $599. A $259 delivery will entitle you to a $600 to $999 assembly fee for your furniture. The price just goes on and on. The higher your delivery cost means the higher your assembly fee. If you think that Ikea is the one who assembles your furniture, you are wrong. The assembly is done by one of their partner companies. The delivery is from a separate delivery entity as well. That explains the high cost of their assembly services.

Will hiring other people or another company to do Ikea assembly in Moscow for my furniture void my warranty?

No. Store assembly is just an optional choice. Flat packs are generally made to be assembled at home or anywhere else. As long as damage is covered by the warranty, you can always have a claim.

How long does an Ikea assembly in Moscow last?

It depends on the furniture style, size, and design.

How long does an Ikea furniture last?

This depends on the quality of the flatpack that you purchase. Some can last for more than 5 years depending on the care and maintenance that they receive.

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Your second option is to purchase the furniture, transport it to your home and have the Ikea assembly in Moscow performed by a professional handyman or local furniture assembly shop in your area. A handyman may only charge you $70 to $120 per hour for the assembly job. Professional assembly may take less than an hour for basic furniture and 2 to 3 hours for bigger and more complicated furniture pieces. On the other hand, local furniture assembly shops within your area may charge a fixed rate fee per item. For example, a Moscow Ikea assembly for simple or small furniture like children’s chair, laptop table, office chair, book cases, free standing glass door cabinets, and single chaise sofa can cost you around $25 up to $40 only. Medium size furniture like sofa beds and single beds can cost around $65 each. Large items are estimated to be $90 per piece. That’s a whole lot of savings.

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