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A standard size lawn or yard may need around 20 lighting fixtures. A regular lighting fixture can cost around $70 to $150 each for an overall total of $170 up to $218 for fixtures alone. Most homeowners choose LED light bulbs for their Twin Falls landscape lighting because they are durable and can last for a very long time. Bulbs can cost you around $700 to $1,100 plus an additional $150 to $300 for the wirings. Path light fixtures that typically cost $70 to $120 are mainly used to light up walkways, paths and can be scattered all over your yard to illuminate plants, flowers, and trees. Hiring a lighting designer may cost you around $400 to $500.

Estimated final cost for landscape lighting

Item Quantity Fair Price
Deck Light Cost 1 Light $10.22
Deck Light Labor 2 Hours $110.94
Deck Light Job Materials and Supplies 1 Light $13.18
Deck Light Equipment Allowance $60.10
Totals - Cost to Install Low Voltage Deck Lighting - 1 Light $194.43
Average Cost Per Light $194.42

Will there be an increase in my energy bill because of my Twin Falls landscape lighting?

It may affect your energy bill but at a very minimal cost depending on the type of lighting that you have installed. If you used LED lighting that is considered to be energy efficient, an estimated $4 to $10 will be added to your bill on average per month.

Will the lighting fixtures be a disturbance to my neighbors in Twin Falls?

Landscape lighting is made to produce soft glow and is strategically angled to enhance the evening ambiance of your property. It is not flashy and will not affect the other surrounding properties.

How different is Twin Falls low voltage and high voltage from each other?

A low voltage system usually runs at 12 volts only, as compared to a typical line voltage system used to power homes that operate at 120 volts. Low voltage systems used in landscape lighting are safe and can be handled without any dangerous effect.

How deep should the Twin Falls landscaping lights be buried on the ground?

In landscape lighting, low voltage wires that run at 12 volts do not need to be buried more than 18 inches. You don't necessarily have to put it in a conduit like line wires because there is no danger of electrocution. In garden or lawn areas, low voltage cables are usually buried at a minimum of 6 inches thick. Just enough that they will not be damaged by exposure to air. If you are going to use them on flower beds, they don't have to be buried deep.

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If you already have an existing landscape and you just want to add Twin Falls landscape lighting to it, you might need to add extra wirings that can increase your lighting cost up to 30%. If you have already hired a landscape artist for the job, they may offer you some discount if you choose to install lighting on both your front and back yard at the same time. Additional outlets on your landscape may cost another $150 to $200 on your project cost.

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