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Ideally, the cost of Boise water mitigation will come down to the extent of the damage that has been caused to your property. Water damage will, in most cases, render your house unusable for a while. It is, in fact, advisable that you do not attempt accessing the house before the damage has been cleared. This is because there are so many risks involved in getting back into the house as it is. If there is a lot of damage to be restored, it might cost you a lot more than if the only thing necessary was to clear away the water.

Estimated final cost for water mitigation

Item Quantity Fair Price
Flood Damage Cleanup Labor 33.4 Hours $2,758.51
Flood Damage Cleanup Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $625.76
Totals - Cost to Cleanup Flood Damage - 215 Square Feet $3,384.27
Average Cost Per Square Foot $16.92

What is the right certification that Boise water mitigation contractors need to have?

When they come to your house, you should ensure that the contractors are qualified to handle the work that you need them to. They should have the IICRC certification (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification). This is an important certification because of the content. The contractors are actually put through sessions where they learn about restoration with an emphasis on structural drying and microbial remediation. This makes them more qualified for different tasks for which they could be assigned in the course of their duties.

How will the professionals handle Boise water mitigation at my place?

As soon as they come to your house, the experts will identify the items that have not been compromised by water and remove them. This is to make sure that in the course of water mitigation in Boise, they do not end up damaging those items. Some of the first things that they will remove from the house include carpet padding, carpets, insulation, baseboards, clothes, fragile wood, upholstery and even furniture. Having removed everything that can be removed to safety, they can then start working on ways to dry the house and disinfect the house where possible.

Why should I get professional water mitigation in Boise?

Most people barely look at the need to work with a professional for water mitigation in Boise, because they do not know the benefits. With a professional, there is nothing you have to worry about. They are diligent in exercising their duties, will have all the necessary tools and equipment, and more importantly, they will make sure you get into a house that is safe for habitation.

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Are there any other services that you will need alongside water mitigation in Boise? If this is the case, you will need to spend more. Take, for example, a case where after the contractors are done helping you deal with the water damage, they also have to treat the house and get rid of mold or mildew that might have formed into the house. In such a case, these services will cost you more, so you have to be prepared. Before the experts start working on your house, they will assess the damage and furnish you with a quote for the work before they begin. This gives you an idea of what to expect.

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    Dunham Electric Incorporated

    Rating: 58
    403 Cashmere Rd. 
    BoiseID  83702
  • 2

    First Team Restoration, Inc.

    Rating: 90
    6400 Contractors Street, Unit 104. 
    BoiseID  83702
  • 3

    Idaho Engineering & Geology

    Rating: 58
    1846 E Spring Meadow Ln. 
    BoiseID  83706
  • 4

    BELFOR Property Restoration

    Rating: 80
    2107 Commerce Ave. 
    BoiseID  83702
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    Disaster Response Incorporated

    Rating: 57
    4411 S Carbine Ave. 
    BoiseID  83709
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    On Call Restoration

    Rating: 97
    3335 N Five Mile Rd. 
    BoiseID  83702