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Idaho Falls window installation costs will always depend on the design of the window that you like, the materials, its size and the number of windows you want to be installed in your house. The average cost of window installation in Idaho Falls is estimated to be around $1,585 up to $2,093 with most homeowners paying $450 on average. This price applies to less than 5 installations. The average cost of installing 5 up to 10 windows is approximately between $350 and $650. Technically, the more windows that you want to install, the higher the cost of installation. There are standard sizes of windows available. However, if you want manufacturers to customize a window for you, it will be costlier. Vinyl windows are considerably inexpensive, durable, and low in maintenance. They don’t shrink nor swell even if exposed to nature elements. But then again, they are not as attractive as wood. Wood-framed windows are typically expensive and require careful maintenance. They also need to be refinished every now and then. But, when it comes to the architectural and aesthetic appeal combined with its strength, nothing will beat wood.

Estimated final cost for window installation

Item Quantity Fair Price
Replacement Window Cost 5 Windows $1,264.11
Replacement Window Labor 12.3 Hours $491.46
Replacement Window Job Materials and Supplies 5 Windows $84.02
Totals - Cost to Install Replacement Windows - 5 Windows $1,839.60
Average Cost Per Window $367.92

What is the Idaho Falls window U-Factor?

U-factor or U-value is the term in which a window's heat loss is rated. The lower the U-factor means that the window's resistance to heat flow is stronger. It also means that the insulating properties of the window are a whole lot better. A high-performance double pane window is estimated to have a U-factor of 0.30 or lower, while it is reported that triple panes can have as little as 0.15.

What is better, wood window or vinyl window in Idaho Falls?

In the end, choosing the right window for your home all comes down to what is your priority. If you are on a tight budget, vinyl windows will be your best choice. However, if you are after quality, added worth to your house, and aesthetic appeal, the wood window is a good option.

For how many years do windows in Idaho Falls last?

A wooden window that is well-maintained and is regularly refurbished can last from 60 up to 100 years. On the other hand, a vinyl window can last for 20 to 40 years on average. However, the life expectancy of a window will always depend on its exposure to the elements. Heat can also affect the deterioration of a window. So if you want your window to last, have them checked and repaired regularly.

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Installation of new windows can save considerable amounts of money on utility bills. The lower the U-factor, the more energy-efficient your window. However, this will also mean that the initial cost will be high. Nevertheless, considering the savings that you will get in the coming years, the cost will be worth it. Always remember that just like the rest of the components in your house, Idaho Falls window installation is also an investment.

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