How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Generator in Silvis?

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Silvis generator rental service providers have different generators that can be rented at varying prices for your power source needs. A compact generator that can generate 500-2000 watts of electricity can be rented for $60 to $180 per day. A portable generator used for extended power outage can be rented for around $80 up to $250 per day, but can sometimes go as high as $280 to $300 for a model that can generate 3000 to 6000 watts of electricity. A larger portable generator that generates 7000 to 8000 watts of power can be rented for $300 or higher per day. A generator that can power an average size home can be rented for around $71 to $553 per day. Transportation fees may also add to the rental cost of a generator.

Who is accountable for fueling the generators in Silvis?

Almost all generator rental companies send their generators with a full tank of fuel. If the generator has been rented, the customer has the responsibility to coordinate with the company if there's need for additional fuel. Some companies have a partnership with different fuel delivery vendors that they generally recommend to their clients. It is a requirement that if a generator was sent with a full tank, it should also be returned with the same fuel level. Otherwise, additional refueling charges will be added to the rental bill.

Are rental generators in Silvis always readily available?

In the majority of cases, yes. Generator rental companies have generator units always on standby at any given time. However, there are instances that generator units become limited like during natural disasters. If there are looming snowstorms or hurricanes, many facilities require generator units to be installed for precautionary measures. Throughout emergency situations like these, generator units are being rented and supplied on a first come, first serve basis.

How long would it take to get a reliable Silvis generator in my place if I decided to rent one?

Time and date of delivery vary depending on some variables like the time of the day and the climatic condition. Your location would be a factor to consider as well. Most rental companies require at least 4 hours of notification.

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Generators obtained from a reliable Silvis generator rental company will keep yourself and your family safe during an electrical power outage. It will ensure that you have access to a comfortable interior environment that is definitely safe through the storm. Renting one of these simple equipment from a trusted generator rental provider is not just a good advantage, but an essential safety precaution as well.