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Most companies that offer ice dam removal in East Saint Louis do not offer fixed pricing for their services. This is because the price of a quality East Saint Louis ice dam removal service depends on the size of the ice dam to be removed. Because ice dams are usually buried beneath layers of snow, their size can only be determined after they have been removed completely. The cost of ice dam removal in East Saint Louis can also be affected by the kind of roof that you have. Each roofing material has its unique needs. Metal, glass, and slate roofs are quite dangerous and difficult to climb during winter so special tools and equipment pieces are needed to remove ice dam from them. This can greatly affect the cost of the job. The pitch of the roof also determines how difficult or easy it would be for an ice dam removal professional to climb or walk on the roof. The steeper the roof is, the costlier the service will be.

What techniques are used for an ice dam removal in East Saint Louis?

Most companies only use the steam removal technique. This technique makes use of water that is turned to steam. This is a common and effective way of removing ice dams without hurting the roof of your home.

What can I do to prevent an ice dam from forming in my East Saint Louis roof?

There are certain things that you can do to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. One of them is by ensuring that leaves and debris are removed from your roof after every snow storm. Another way is by ensuring that roof vents are free of any snow too.

Can I do ice dam removal in East Saint Louis on my own?

No. It is not advisable for homeowners to remove the ice dams on their own. This is extremely dangerous, especially for homes with steep roofs. It is always best to get professional help.

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The duration of the ice dam removal in East Saint Louis also has an impact on the cost of the project. On average, ice dams can be removed for 2 to 4 hours. However, if the condition of the ice dam is quite severe, it might take more hours to be removed. The size of your house does not necessarily impact the cost of the East Saint Louis ice dam removal service. It does not mean that when you have a small house, it will be easier to remove ice dams. Same goes if you own a big house. It does not mean that it will be difficult to remove the ice dams. To save money on ice dam removal in East Saint Louis, make sure that you immediately get one. Given all the conditions above, it would be less expensive if there is less work to be done in removing the ice dams and this is possible when the ice dams are not yet big or they are on their early stages.

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