How Much Does it Cost to Service a Storage Unit in Hampton?

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$147 Great Price
$589 Costly
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The cost of renting a storage unit in Hampton will depend on the size of the container that you prefer, your location and the length of the rental service. Storage units usually come in 3 common sizes. 7-foot storage units cost around $115 a month. They come with an initial delivery fee amounting to $80 up to $100. However, if the storage unit has to be shipped to your location, an additional $$58 to $589 will be added to your bill. All in all, renting a 7-foot storage unit can cost you around $380 to $400. Both 12-foot and 16-foot cost higher and can be rented at around $150 to $180 per month plus the delivery fee.

Where can I place my rented storage unit in Hampton? Where can it possibly fit?

Most storage units can fit anywhere, but they will mostly depend on the size of the unit that you rented. You can have them placed in your driveway or parking space. Storage companies use heavy forklifts and hydraulics to lift and position the storage units. All you have to do is look for a place where it will be most convenient for you to load and unload your belongings.

Will a rental Hampton storage unit damage my driveway?

Storage unit delivery men and crew are highly trained and skilled in safely delivering and picking up of storage units. You will be assured that no damage will be caused to your property during the said process. They just need you to provide a flat surface to be able to position the storage unit securely and hassle-free.

What is the space needed during the delivery of Hampton storage unit?

The amount of space that will be required will greatly depend on the dimensions of your storage unit. A 7-foot storage unit will need 11 to 15 feet of straight-line clearance while 12-foot and 16-foot storage units will require around 15 to 23 feet of straight-line clearance.

Find the Best Costs on Storage Units - Hampton, 61256

Hampton storage unit companies offer discounts for long term rentals, so you can try to make the most out of it to save costs in your storage unit rental. Organize your belongings and maximize the overall space of the storage unit. Dispose of any unnecessary stuff so you will have lots of space in your storage unit to accommodate more important things from your home. That way, you won’t need to rent a bigger unit for your storing needs which means more significant money savings.