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It has been estimated that the installation of fiber cement siding in Billerica usually costs around $8,800 on average. It can go as low as $1,500 and can go as high as $20,000 with most homeowners paying between $4,800 and $13,200. Billerica fiber cement siding can be purchased at local home improvement stores for as low as $.70 up to $5.50 per square foot. Generally, the purchasing price of fiber cement siding in Billerica may vary depending on the color, style, and the brand. Installation of fiber cement sidings is usually a bit costlier than vinyl but less expensive than stucco. Fiber cements are heavy siding materials. If you want to install them on your own to save some money, you might want to think again. If not handled properly, they can crack easily. Special tools are needed that only professional installers have.

Estimated final cost for fiber cement siding

Item Quantity Fair Price
Fiber Cement Siding Cost 1602 Square Feet $4,703.46
Fiber Cement Siding Labor 45.4 Hours $1,595.83
Fiber Cement Siding Job Materials and Supplies 1500 Square Feet $526.20
Fiber Cement Siding Equipment Allowance $56.72
Totals - Cost to Install Fiber Cement Siding - 1602 Square Feet $6,882.21
Average Cost Per Square Foot $4.59

What is fiber cement siding in Billerica made of?

Fiber cement siding is usually made of ground sand, cement, cellulosis fiber, and water. Rest assured that no harmful chemicals like asbestos or other chemical binders are used in the production of this siding material.

Can I paint my fiber cement siding in Billerica?

Yes. If you get tired of the color of your fiber cement siding, you can have it repainted. Make sure that you hire a professional for the job to ensure a smooth and fine finish.

Will the installation of fiber cement siding add value to my home in Billerica?

Yes. Because of its wonderful features and benefits, you are sure to get added value to your home.

Find the Best Costs on Fiber Cement Siding - Billerica, 01821

You can hire a contractor to install your fiber cement siding in Billerica. They have the knowledge and experience to know what kind of tools and materials are needed for the installation. Overall, a professionally installed Billerica fiber cement siding can cost around $10 to $13 per square foot. Some may find this to be quite expensive but if you think about the savings that you will get from maintaining and repairing it, it will surely pay off in the long run. If you decide to produce the materials needed in installing your fiber cement siding in Billerica, expect to add $5 to $1,200 to the overall cost of the tools and materials needed. A Pneumatic Production Sheer, for instance, can cost around $900 to $1,200. Nails and a nail gun can cost you an additional $100 to $200. Other cutting tools can cost you an extra $60 to $270.

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