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On average, floor waxing in Worcester can cost around $.40 to $.80 per square foot. However, in order to estimate the real cost of a Worcester floor waxing, it is important to take into consideration some major factors. The size of the job plays a major role in determining the cost of a waxing project. Generally, the bigger the size of the area, the cheaper the cost per square foot. Floor waxing can cost relatively higher for smaller areas. Some floor waxing in Worcester companies have a minimum rate amounting to $100 up to $200. This means that even if your floor space is smaller, you may have to pay the minimum amount that they set.

Estimated final cost for floor waxing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Grouted Surface Labor 42.4 Hours $1,952.60
Grouted Surface Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $942.82
Totals - Cost to Install Tile Grout - 1282 Square Feet $2,895.42
Average Cost Per Square Foot $2.41

How often should I get floor waxing in Worcester?

Waxing a wood floor is needed when the buffing can no longer restore the floor's shine. On average, floor waxing should be done at least once every one to two years depending on foot traffic.

Is it ok to apply fresh coat of wax without stripping the old wax on the Worcester floor?

No. Before applying fresh coats of wax, it is important that stripping should be done first. This will ensure that dirt, grime, and old wax will not affect the results of waxing the floors.

Should floor waxing in Worcester be done by professionals only?

Yes. It is highly recommended that professionals do floor waxing. Waxing floors is a meticulous task that requires enough knowledge and expertise.

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If your location is not within the service area of the Worcester floor waxing company, you might need to pay a certain transportation fee. The cost of waxing your floor may also be affected by the preparation time needed. Some preparation jobs may take a lot of time. If the floor to be waxed is on the ground floor, it may take less time. However, the cost may increase for floors located on 2nd or 3rd floors of a home because of the difficulty of moving the equipment and tools. If your wood floor has been waxed before, the contractor may need to do stripping first which affects the cost of the floor waxing in Worcester service. Stripping is the process of removing the old wax to expose the original wood. After that, 4 to 5 coatings of fresh wax will be applied. Be mindful of the number of wax coatings being applied on your floor. The more coats applied, the higher the cost of waxing. The type and condition of the floor also have an impact on the Worcester floor waxing expense. Old floors tend to be more expensive to wax than new floorings.

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