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The cost of soundproofing a room in Millbury may include new materials, professional labor and the tools and equipment needed to carry on with the task. Materials used in Millbury soundproofing can cost around $150 to $300. Professional installation and labor cost is estimated to be around $200 to $350 and the tools needed can cost around $25 to $40. If the room is larger, the cost may fluctuate. Same with more complicated soundproofing projects. The cost can also be impacted if there are any insulation that has to be removed or any modification need to the current structure and surface of the room. With all these factors considered, you are expected to pay between $1,448 to $1,891 with an average of $1,500 for a soundproofing job in your home.

Estimated final cost for soundproofing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Soundproofing Insulation Cost 1282 Square Feet $943.78
Soundproofing Insulation Labor 12.8 Hours $650.95
Soundproofing Insulation Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $75.14
Totals - Cost to Install Soundproofing Insulation - 1282 Square Feet $1,669.87
Average Cost Per Square Foot $1.39

What is the most commonly used Millbury soundproofing material?

The most commonly soundproofing material used in many homes is drywall. It is relatively cheap and is a great source of mass that is important in soundproofing projects. You can also get damped drywall like SilentFX and QuietRock. Another kind of soundproofing material is the mass-loaded vinyl. It is a good source of mass but is a bit more expensive.

Will I still be heard outside if I get my room soundproofed in Millbury?

No. Modern soundproofing materials will not allow sound to get in or get out of the room that it insulates.

Should I also get my window soundproofed in Millbury?

To get the best soundproofing solution, it is advisable to soundproof your windows too. Soundproof windows can put a damper on intrusive noise coming from the streets. It is most commonly used in apartments and houses in the city because of the noise created by vehicles.

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Soundproofing in Millbury can be slightly more expensive when the soundproof insulation has to be installed after the house is built. That is because it will already involve a lot of labor like the removal of drywalls and fix electrical wirings and plumbing. If you want to save costs, it is best to include your soundproofing project when you are still planning to build your house. That way, it can be incorporated in the installation of your home’s other parts.

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