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The cost of carpet stretching in Saint Cloud can be determined by the difficulty of the task and the tools needed. Professional carpet stretching in Saint Cloud that utilizes power stretchers can cost around $.30 to $.50 per square foot. It may cost more if there are a lot of home furnishings that must be removed from the place. Some professionals may charge an hourly fee amounting to $60 to $80. All in all, you may expect a call out fee amounting to $109 up to $436.

Does carpet stretching in Saint Cloud also include repairs?

No. Carpet stretching services are only limited to stretching. Any other job that has to be done to your carpet is considered to be a different service and might incur an additional fee. Repairs that should be made to your carpet must be coordinated with the contractor.

Is it worth stretching the carpet in Saint Cloud or should I just replace it?

It depends on the condition of your carpet. Most carpet issues can be fixed by stretching and repairs. A good stretching job can return the beauty of your carpet. It can remove the bulging and flatten the surface of the carpeting. However, if wrinkles and bulges are not the only problems of your carpet, like if it has damaged areas and evident signs of wear and tear because of old age, you might consider replacing it.

Should I remove all furniture in the room before the stretching service in Saint Cloud?

To get the best stretching job, the room or area occupied by the carpet must be empty. If you remove your home furnishings and other décor in the room, it can save you costs on labor and time. When stretching the carpet, it should be stretched on both sides to make it even. This can only be done in a vacant room.

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Some homeowners want to save on the costs of hiring professional carpet stretching Saint Cloud services and prefer to do it on their own. However, manual stretching is mostly not effective and may result in more damages that can cost more to repair. If you want to do the task on your own, you might need to rent equipment like power stretcher and power kicker. The rental on these tools will not help you save costs. Not only is DIY carpet stretching back breaking if you do not have enough knowledge, but you are also only exposing your carpet to more damage. Hiring a professional Saint Cloud carpet stretching service is more economical and cost-effective since it will save you time.

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