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Home cleaning in Bolivar costs depend primarily on the size of your house, the accessibility of the parts to be cleaned and just how much cleaning task is at hand. Many home cleaning companies offer cleaning packages that will suit your needs. A full house cleaning for a single-family home can cost around $120 to $150. This is just the basic price, and it might actually fluctuate depending on what other special cleaning services will be included. Cleaning your window treatments might cost you $100 to $300, depending on the kind of window treatment that you have and what cleaning tools will be needed. Cleaning of wall and ceilings can also entail additional costs amounting from $150 to $350, depending on the size of your wall and ceiling and the accessibility of its parts. Walls and ceilings that have adornments or decors mounted on them will be costlier to clean. If you want to include the cleaning of your furniture and upholstery, it can cost you an extra $100 to $150 depending on the number and size of the furniture and upholstery.

Can I choose the Bolivar home cleaning staff that will go to my house?

In most cases no. It will always depend on the availability of the cleaners. The cleaner that will be sent to your house will be the one available during your scheduled cleaning. However, most home cleaning companies try to accommodate their client's request and will try to send you the cleaner that you prefer.

Do cleaning companies in Bolivar give discounts?

Yes. Some cleaning companies give discounts for regular customers or for those who are signing a long term cleaning contract with them.

Do I have to buy the cleaning materials in Bolivar?

No. Cleaning companies will have it all covered for you. If you have any preferred cleaning product, you may request it with them.

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Another thing to consider that can affect the cost of home cleaning in Bolivar is if you are hiring only an individual or a professional service. Getting a professional service, on the other hand, can cost you $93 to $313 for a minimum of two-hour cleaning. Be reminded though that there is a big difference between hiring an individual who is only doing home cleaning as a part-time job and a professional cleaner. Professional cleaners are trained and have years of experience. They can guarantee their work, so you are assured that your money is not being wasted. Hiring a non-pro on the other hand can be risky not just for the task at hand but for the safety of your home and family. They cannot guarantee, and most do not have the necessary cleaning background. To save costs, do not look at the price of the service. Look for a reliable Bolivar home cleaning service that has an excellent reputation and can give you referrals. That way, you know that you are investing your money on a quality service.

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    Ross's Floor Covering

    Rating: 81
    2780 S Springfield Ave. 
    BolivarMO  65613
  • 2

    Wright Construction

    Rating: 67
    1475 Hwy Y. 
    BolivarMO  65613
  • 3

    Dan and Jessica FCS

    Rating: 88
    PO Box 302. 
    BolivarMO  65613
  • 4

    Homemaker Plus

    Rating: 63
    113 E Broadway St. 
    BolivarMO  65613
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    Rating: 61
    1475 HIGHWAY Y. 
    BolivarMO  65613
  • 6

    Ballard Septic Tank Cleaning

    Rating: 68
    4411 S 172nd Rd. 
    BolivarMO  65613