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The standard price involving bulk mulch in Starkville is usually between $15 and $65 per cubic yard, although a few bags are billed to cover one or more cubic yard. If you don't have a pickup truck or vehicle, think about getting the mulch shipped to your property, which often adds a good $138 to $1,099 to those prices. There are plenty of bulk mulches available in the market like black hardwood that is around $60 per cubic yard., colored mulch that can cost around $30, dark brown fines priced at $35 per cubic yard, and natural pines that only cost around $16 per cubic yard. Organic mulches also differ in rates such as pine bark that costs around $10 to $12 per cubic feet, straw or hay mulch that is around $4 to $5 per bale and wood chips or commonly known as nuggets that can cost between $10 and $12 per cubic feet. Inorganic mulches like landscape cloth have a price tag of $20 per roll. Plastic mulch is at $25 to $30 per roll, and rubber mulch will cost between $10 and $12 per cubic feet.

Exactly why do I have to re‐mulch my beds in Starkville on a yearly basis?

Mulch consists of shredded debris from hardwood or pine trees. Because it is biodegradable, the organic influence of the substances breaks up after some time. As it decomposes, the nourishing substance it generates is absorbed by the soil. By having replenishing mulch on many occasions annually, you're making improvements to the style of your beds, and you are enriching the soil naturally too.

How deep should I apply the mulch to my trees in Starkville?

The ideal depth should be 2" to 3". Keep mulch far away from the trunk of the tree and leave a distance of no less than 6" to 8" away. Take care to not ever "volcano" mulch your tree; this will damage it. Mulch placed on the trunk of the tree for lengthy amounts of time may bring about potential girdling problems or possibility of trunk corrosion. In adult trees, this can lead to the decline in the vascular system, ultimately limiting the trees capability to translocate water and nourishing substances throughout the tree correctly.

How long will mulch in Starkville last?

Mulches differ in life expectancy from somewhere around 12 months when it comes to leaf mulch, to around three years when it comes to woodchip.

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Consistently apply mulch in Starkville when soil is typically warm but is not extremely hot. Starkville mulch is perfect for wetness storage, but it also shields the roots from excessive heating or freezing, so it's possible to apply it in the course of both summer and winter seasons. Ensure that you select a mulch that combines perfectly along with your landscaping, regardless if it’s rubber mulch which has a beautiful color or organic mulch which doesn’t rot away too soon.

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