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Building a pool is considered to be a major project and will, therefore, need a contract. To get a proper estimate of your project, you should take into consideration at least three or more estimates from different pool companies in Raleigh so you can get a better understanding of how the pricing works in your location. Pool contractors Raleigh usually place their bid that includes the total estimate of the project cost. They are not charged by the hour but by the project. To compute their expected earnings from the project, they get estimates from all their material suppliers and subcontractors to arrive at the total cost, and then they will divide it by a certain percentage. That certain amount equivalent to the percentage will be their project fee. If they are planning to propose a fixed price contract to you, they will add their project fee to the estimated total cost, and that will be the estimated overall expense of your project.

Will I need building permit for my pool project in Raleigh?

Yes. Most cities and municipalities will require a building permit and zoning inspection before you start your project. However, if you hire a pool contractor for your pool project, they will take care of it for you.

Should my Raleigh pool contractor be bonded?

Definitely. It is your protection in case your pool contractor fails to build your swimming pool within the specifications indicated on the contract. Make sure that the bond will cover every aspect of the pool completion or re-building.

Do pool contractors in Raleigh guarantee their work?

Yes. Most pool companies and contractors issue a guarantee that will last for a year or two and will take effect the day the project has been finished and has been turned over to the owner.

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Some pool contractors in Raleigh may add a markup price for every material that will be purchased and labor cost that will be acquired, together with the expense of the subcontractors for the duration of the project. Those will be their earnings from the project. This type of contract can be quite tricky as some dishonest contractors may overprice everything so you need to be vigilant and keep every invoices and purchase records from your pool project for future reference. Either way, it will always be best to hire an honest and trustworthy pool company in Raleigh to handle your undertaking. Building a pool is an investment that you do not want to go to waste.

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    Rating: 60
    424 Tharps Ln. 
    RaleighNC  27614
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    2616 Iman Dr. 
    RaleighNC  27615
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    Harper's Interior Painting and Home Repair inc.

    Rating: 81
    4320 Fowler Ridge Dr. 
    RaleighNC  27601
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    Aquatic Designs Inc

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