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The common price for 1.5-inch thick simple concrete countertop in Omaha ranges from $60 up to $150 per square foot. The associated fee to set up a 100-square-foot concrete countertop averages around $6000 to $15000. Stain-resistant concrete countertops in contrast may well cost $13,190 up to $17,211 per square foot. Concrete was formerly poured into a mold; Now they can be precast and shipped as polished off products. Precast molds are generally smooth and flat, plus they can go from 1.5 inches to 10 feet long. Additionally, you can purchase precast concrete molds in many different designs and styles.

Estimated final cost for concrete countertops

Item Quantity Fair Price
Quartz Countertop Cost 215 Square Feet $13,553.63
Quartz Countertop Labor 26.9 Hours $1,163.53
Quartz Countertop Job Materials and Supplies 200 Square Feet $484.04
Totals - Cost to Install Concrete Countertops - 215 Square Feet $15,201.20
Average Cost Per Square Foot $76.00

Where can I place Omaha concrete countertops in my house?

Concrete countertops can be installed within the kitchen and bathroom or somewhere else your imagination wishes to put them. Horizontal countertops have to be at least 2” thick, but could be constructed thicker for structural or artistic intentions. The front edge returns are obtainable up to 10” deep. Concrete countertops could be upright, rounded, multi-level depending on your taste. As opposed to granite, which substantially rises in cost for curved designs, generating curved concrete shapes involves modest difficulty and labor in production. Concrete may also be used in vertical applications like backsplashes, bathroom showers, and fireplaces.

What are the available color options for Omaha concrete countertops?

Almost any color. Your color choices are literally as many as the selection inside of a paint store. Any kind of color can be manufactured in a solid, speckled, or variegated sequence. And additionally, it is possible to stipulate inlayed stone, glass or some other objects. You can specify the color, measurements, and thickness of the embedded items. In conjunction with the variety of color possibilities, you've got a multitude of design selections. Five starting point colors which are natural gray, graphite, sand, walnut and white are highly recommended.

Are concrete countertops in Omaha susceptible to stains?

Naked concrete is quite porous and often will constantly stain. Practically all concrete countertops are generally sealed to counteract staining. However, the amount of which these sealers work varies considerably. Frequently used sealers consist of wax along with infiltrating acrylic sealer. Both of these are usually affordable and simple to apply. Then again, neither of them provides essential stain or resistance to heat and they demand repeated application to avoid the formation of a “patina”.

Will Omaha concrete countertops be prone to scratches?

Although the sealer is tough, kitchen concrete countertops might scratch if slash using a knife or simply subjected to heavy, pointed materials ripped along the surface. Slicing over the concrete could possibly compromise the reliability of the sealer and enable stains to penetrate the concrete matrix. Cutting over the concrete may even damage blades.

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Although breaking and chipping can be a minor problem with Omaha concrete countertops, current improvements have built them to resist damages. Countertop installers reinforce the material by using cable mesh or fiberglass. Highly regarded concrete countertop fabricators include short-term warranties that always cover manufacturing issues for 1-2 years. Considering it’s by natural means strong and resistant to heat, concrete is a superb choice for kitchens and bathroom countertops.

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