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By far, the biggest factor that is used to determine the cost of the service is the size of your grease trap. Grease traps in Livingston come in a variety of sizes. The larger ones need more labor time to clean. Thus, it's only reasonable that the bigger the size, the more expensive the service gets. Another factor that greatly affects the final price of the clean-up process is the kind of grease trap you have. Some grease traps are simple, and these are the ones that are cheaper to clean. For complex grease trap setups, it will take significantly more time as the professionals need to ensure that everything is clean without compromising any parts.

How many times should my Livingston grease trap be cleaned?

The answer largely depends on several factors. If your grease trap can hold larger volumes, then you don't need much cleaning compared to the ones with smaller volumes. The amount of grease production within your business is also a big factor.

What if my kitchen doesn't use cooking oil, do I still need grease trap cleaning in Livingston?

Yes. It's a common misconception that grease trap only collects cooking oil. In reality, a grease trap collects grease from mayonnaise, shortening, margarine, butter, and baking grease. This is the reason why all food-related businesses are required to have a grease trap, even if it seems it doesn't use cooking oil.

Is there a penalty if I don't get my grease trap cleaned in Livingston?

Yes. Usually, you start with a fine. Keep in mind that the fine increases each time you get penalized. It's also possible that the regulatory board will undertake grease remedial action at the expense of your business.

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The location of your Livingston grease trap can also affect the pricing. If it's easily accessible, then the service fee is cheaper. Some grease traps are placed in a hard-to-reach location. This will be more difficult to access and clean-up, and more compensation is needed.

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