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A hardscape in Fort Dix is essential to make your garden or yard more accessible to people. Without it, navigating through your property can be difficult and can be damaging to your plants. There are several factors that affect the cost of a Fort Dix hardscape installation and that basically includes the design of the hardscape, the kind of hardscape, the materials, and labor cost. It has been estimated that on average, a homeowner spends around $600 up to $1,300 for installation of hardscapes in their property. A patio is a common hardscape in Fort Dix feature that usually costs $800 to $1,200 to install. Pathways can be built at approximately $500 to $800 and sidewalks can cost you around $400 to $700. You can have an elegant retaining wall installed for a minimum of $1,000 that can go as high as $5,000 depending on the materials that you will used and the height and length of the retaining wall. Other common Fort Dix hardscape features that you can install in your garden are gazebos, arbors, fountains, and barbeque.

Will I be needing a permit to build or install hardscape in Fort Dix?

Yes. Specially for large projects like installation of retaining walls and water features. It is best to discuss this with your contractor or local building authorities.

Should I install a fireplace or a fire pit in Fort Dix?

Choosing between fireplaces and fire pits can be easy if you know their purpose. Fireplaces are used for a more formal setting where you want to keep the fire smoke away from your guests. Fire pits are for more informal settings. You can gather around it with your friends while roasting some marshmallows.

Will weeds grow on my pavers in Fort Dix?

Yes. However, contractors and professionals know about this dilemma so they add sand in between the pavers that has polymers. When watered, the polymers in the sand bind strongly together and create a solid surface that weeds cannot penetrate.

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To compute for the total cost of installing hardscape in Fort Dix, you need to consider the materials and labor as well. Using brick for instance can cost you around $1,000 while stone materials can go around $1,300. Hardscape in Fort Dix made from concrete can cost you approximately $1,000 or more while wooden structures usually cost $700 or more. A contractor can charge you a fix rate price depending on the size of your yard. A small Fort Dix hardscape project can cost around $600. Larger hardscape projects that can cover 500 to 5,000 square feet can cost approximately $900 up to $2,500.

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