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Professional house painting contractors in Jackson provide their clients with estimates that will primarily be based upon the square footage of the home. For exterior painting services, Jackson house painting normally starts from $4,460 and will be changed depending on the square footage, number of stories and accessibility of the house to the work to be done. A house with warped wall or rough texture may cost more to paint than one with a flat surfaced house wall.

Estimated final cost for house painting

Item Quantity Fair Price
Home Labor 88.6 Hours $4,891.23
Home Job Materials and Supplies 1600 Square Feet $1,257.43
Home Equipment Allowance $61.29
Totals - Cost to Paint Homes - 1709 Square Feet $6,209.95
Average Cost Per Square Foot $3.88

How long will it take for a painting job to be finished in Jackson?

An exterior house painting duration will depend on the number stories and accessibility of the work to be done. In addition, the painting preparation may also affect the painting period because different house construction materials and designs require different preparation. A concrete wall may need to be cured with specialized chemicals first for the paint to stick on it. A stucco finish may require special equipment. These factors should be considered to assess the period of when a painting job will be finished.

Why should I choose a professional house painter in Jackson?

Professional house painters in Jackson are skilled to do exterior house painting and can finish the job hassle-free. Homeowners may opt to paint their houses on their own but the results may come out unsatisfactorily. Hiring a house painter will guarantee a finish that suits the taste and the demand of a homeowner. You can request for special painting designs, ranging from the very basic exterior painting designs to the most complex. Specialized painters are available for this kind of task. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for your dull house exterior to turn into a beauty.

How do I request for an estimate for a painting service in Jackson?

Estimates are provided as soon as you get in touch with house painting contractors in Jackson. A professional painter may come to inspect your home to assess your exterior. Estimates are not a permanent price. They may change within the duration of the project if special equipment or more paint supplies are needed. Estimates are only considered as guides so homeowners can have firsthand knowledge of the expected costs of the service.

Why should I paint my home in Jackson?

People ask this question quite often. Painting your home not only gives your house a fresh and cool look, but it can also protect your home. Paint acts as a skin to your house exterior. It acts as a shield from harmful elements found in your surroundings and the ever changing weather conditions. A house that has its exterior materials exposed to directly to the sun and rain has more chances of suffering severe damages than a house with a protective layer of paint.

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The cost of house painting in Jackson may also depend on the materials that have been used for the construction. There are some materials used in houses that cost more to paint and there are some that cost less. House painters in Jackson always check on this important detail to know what preparation should be needed before applying paint on the exterior. There are instances when an old paint should be removed first before applying a fresh coat because of the kind of material used in the construction. Some construction materials also need special painting equipment. Normally, these are the major factors that greatly affect the cost of house painting.

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