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Ridgefield interior painting costs vary between different painters. There are painters that charge higher due to a more expensive overhead. There are also those that are priced higher just because. Some interior painters bill lower due to quality planning and efficiency. While the lowest cost for interior painting in Ridgefield is not always the best value for your money, the highest price is also not always the best.

Estimated final cost for interior painting

Item Quantity Fair Price
Painted Surface Labor 122 Hours $7,004.06
Painted Surface Job Materials and Supplies 1200 Square Feet $1,167.88
Totals - Cost to Paint House Interior - 1282 Square Feet $8,171.93
Average Cost Per Square Foot $6.81

When should I schedule interior painting in Ridgefield?

Schedule the painting job once the drywall is installed. As soon as the drywall has been put up, you are about five to six week away from painting. Your chosen contractors still need to spackle, tape, sand your drywall, hang interior doors, install your trim, and install kitchen cabinets. Do not get an estimate from a service provider before a drywall is hung because a lot of things can change that may affect the price and scope of the project.

When will the painting process begin?

If it is a new construction of a home, contractors will not start painting until the carpenters are all done with their work. Carpentry creates a lot of dust and it will end up ruining your trim paint and finishing. Also, carpenters are known to change small things throughout the entire house until they leave. Small changes from the carpenters will force your painters to repaint walls that should have been completed already.

How long does Ridgefield interior painting services take?

Average interior rooms usually take one or two days to paint. Everything can be done in a day but touch-ups and dry times have to be provided and they take a few couple of hours to complete.

Find the Best Costs on Interior Painting - Ridgefield, 07657

Most interior painters charge per sq. ft. of the area that needs to be painted. Painting contractors may deliver flat rates, but they still use square footage as a determining factor in arriving at a number. Large painting jobs usually charge less per square foot than smaller projects. Smaller jobs run on a minimum charge. There are also other expenses that you may incur for the interior painting project like drywall repair and wallpaper removal. Drywall repair is usually billed out for about $20 to $50 an hour. If your home has a reasonable amount of damage, it will take 4 to 10 hours to get the best results. As for wallpaper removal, it can vary depending on the condition and type of your walls and wallpaper. Wallpaper removal can easily double the cost of your interior painting in Ridgefield.

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    Cehldonio Painting & Home

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    B & R Painting Inc

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    Anton's Painting

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    R & M Painting & Construction

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    Avalanche Construction

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    Brite Painting & Decorating Co Inc

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