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The average cost of Somerville lawn mowing and maintenance starts at $16 up to $81 depending on the size of the lawn. However, this price may fluctuate if you have areas of your lawn that are hard to reach or have a ditch or lake. Mowing these areas relatively costs higher because the lawn mower has to be moved at such an angle that it can cover the edges of the lawn near the water. You may also be charged an additional fee if you have flower beds, trees, and other exterior items that will require the person doing the mowing to be extra precise. Some Somerville lawn mowing services charge additional fees for extra labor like trimming shrub edges and raking or bagging leaves on your lawn. However, there are lawn mowing service providers that offer a discount if you regularly hire or get into a contract with them to take care of your lawn.

Estimated final cost for lawn mowing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Lawn Cutting Labor 2 Hours $48.75
Totals - Cost to Mow Lawns - 215 Square Feet $48.75
Average Cost Per Square Foot $0.24

How frequently should mowing be done on a lawn in Somerville?

As long as the grass is actively growing, you need to keep mowing. Only low enough that you do not cut more than one-third of the grass blade at a time. Cool season grass is on top of its growth during spring, meaning that you will need to mow the lawn frequently during this season. Keep in mind that some of the fertilizers used in lawns will provide a certain amount of nutrients that will be absorbed by the turf but will not be immediately utilized by the grass. This may result in excessive top growth. When there is high growth, mowing will need to be done multiple times a week.

What should be the best thing to do with the grass clippings in Somerville?

When you are regularly mowing and not removing one-third of the height of the grass blade, the clippings can just be left on the lawn to provide extra nutrients to the grass when they eventually decay. However, it is important to check the thickness of the thatch when you are leaving clippings on your lawn. A thatch that is bigger than an inch may hinder the clippings from getting into the soil. If this is the scenario, you may need to bag the clippings.

When is it advisable to stop mowing the lawn in Somerville?

You can stop mowing when the grass blades stop growing. Cool season grass stops its growth when the temperature drops below 40F or exceeds 90F. On the other hand, the growth of the roots will continue all throughout fall until winter.

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Investing in a lawn mowing in Somerville service is well worth the price if your schedule is full. Some municipalities fine homeowners who have dirty and untidy lawns and you wouldn’t want that. Lawns that are regularly mowed to the right length will be able to withstand climatic condition, will retain moisture, and will not grow weeds.

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