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Determining the cost of an organic lawn care in Hackensack service depends on some variables such as the tools to be used, the treatment solutions, and some other maintenance considerations. A professional organic lawn care in Hackensack service can cost you between $100 and $200 per month. The price may also depend if you want to have it done per hour, every week or on a monthly basis. If you hire a professional gardener, you may be charged around $50 and $100 per hour for the labor.

Estimated final cost for organic lawn care

Item Quantity Fair Price
Lawn Fertilizer Cost 215 Square Feet $4.88
Lawn Fertilizer Labor 2 Hours $44.16
Totals - Cost to Fertilize Lawns - 215 Square Feet $49.04
Average Cost Per Square Foot $0.24

Do organic fertilizers in Hackensack stink?

No. Only fresh manure emits a stinky odor. However, it is not advisable to use fresh manure on gardens and lawns. It needs to be composted first for a couple of weeks or months until the stinking stops.

Is there a possibility that I might be applying too much fertilizer on my lawn in Hackensack?

Yes. However, if you are using the fertilizer without smothering your grass, then you are using the right amount.

When is the right time of the day to water my Hackensack organic lawn?

The best time to water any lawn is in the morning. Watering grass at night encourages the growth of fungus so try to keep your lawn dry in the evening as much as possible.

Find the Best Costs on Organic Lawn Care - Hackensack, 07601

The cost of organic fertilizers used in an Hackensack organic lawn care is estimated to go as low as $.50 and as high as $10 per kilogram depending on what kind of natural materials are used and the brand. If you have a big area of lawn to cover, it can help you save more on the cost by purchasing the fertilizer in tons. The usual cost of organic fertilizer per ton is around $300to $1300 depending on the kind and brand. You may find some protein fertilizers available in many organic garden stores. A commercial protein fertilizer is estimated to be around $20 to $30 per 30-pund bag. Other maintenance considerations can also have an impact on the cost of your organic lawn care in Hackensack. This may include the following: watering that can add to your bill, mowing which is around $200 to $270 per month, aeration that can cost $300 to $450, and other factors such as dethatching and overseeding. To save cost, you might want to try making your own compost pit in your home. Instead of throwing your left-over foods and other biodegradable waste products like vegetables, fruits, meat, and animal manure, you can use them as organic fertilizers.

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