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Several factors can affect the cost of septic tank cleaning in Cedar Grove. Dumping out septic tank can cost you around $70 to $200 and can run as high as $400 or more. It should be done every one to three years depending on the size of the septic tank and how many people are using it. Pumping out much larger septic tanks usually costs around $200 to $400 or more. The capacity of tanks like these is around 1,500 to 2,500 gallons. If you want to install a filter to protect both your leachfield and drainfield, you can pay around $200 to $300.

How long does a septic system in Cedar Grove last?

All septic systems are designed to provide long-term treatment of different household waste. They can last for an extended period of time if they are maintained and operated properly. Some systems may have a shorter lifespan due to improper maintenance and manhandling. One thing that may also affect the life of a septic system is when pipes are being blocked and if tree roots will reach the pipelines. If there is a clogged drainfield, no matter how durable your septic tank is, it might deteriorate prematurely. To have a sustainable septic system, make sure that all problems are being addressed and fixed right away.

What are the signs that my septic system in Cedar Grove is failing?

The obvious signs of septic system failures are slow draining toilets and drains, the odor coming from sewage, any wet area near the drainfield, and in severe cases, contaminated well water.

How can I check the condition of my septic system in Cedar Grove?

To know the condition of your septic system, hire a septic system professional to do an assessment. You may also get in touch with your local health district.

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Failing septic systems in Cedar Grove can sometimes be fixed by pumping the tank, cleaning drainfield pipes and installing filters. On some occasions, they may need soil fracturing that can cost around $1,000 to $2,500 or maybe more. Soil fracturing involves insertion of a hollow tube into the ground and injecting a 300-pound blast of air. Overall, the cost of septic tank cleaning in Cedar Grove services includes pumping that takes around 4 to 6 hours using manual labor and 2 to 3 hours with a backhoe and other equipment. Some cleaning companies usually charge a flat rate fee while others will charge per hour. To save costs, some homeowners locate their septic tank on their own and do the digging. You may also draw a map of where the tank is located so you can use it for future cleaning services.

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