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The cost of patio doors in Henderson relies mainly on the door’s size, the materials, and features plus the cost of labor. There are two common types of patio doors; the sliding patio door, and the French patio door. The most affordable sliding doors are the vinyl and aluminum sliding patio doors. Regular sliding patio door that includes installation and hardware will cost between $1,200 and $2,500. French patio doors, on the other hand, are more expensive than sliding patio doors. They incorporate a more traditional and sophisticated look as opposed to the modernized look of sliding doors. The most affordable French patio doors are estimated to be around $1,500 and $3,000. The highest quality French patio doors that can last for many years can approximately cost $421 to $656.

Estimated final cost for patio doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Storm Door Cost 1 Door $325.36
Storm Door Labor 4.4 Hours $190.68
Storm Door Job Materials and Supplies 1 Door $23.08
Totals - Cost to Install Sliding Doors - 1 Door $539.12
Average Cost Per Door $539.13

How will I know if my patio door in Henderson is being installed correctly?

The best way to know is to inquire and ask questions. You will know if the installer you hired is a professional and knows what he is doing if he can answer your questions properly and without hesitation.

Is the installation of patio doors in Henderson guaranteed?

Yes. If you purchase a patio door with installation package from a reputable retailer or you hire the services of a door installation company, you are assured that the job is guaranteed.

Find the Best Costs on Patio Doors - Henderson, 89002

It is a normal thing if you want to savemoney on your patio doors in Henderson. However, do not be easily fooled by low priced patio doors available in the market that have no hardware or installation included. Some stores strategically devised this promo deal because they will convince you to get the most essential items like energy efficient glass packages, installation, hardware, and warranty as upgrades. If you compute this, you will realize that the price of your patio door will increase significantly. Sometimes it will go to more than twice as the advertised price of the product. It is also highly recommended to only get professional installation services for your patio door since it is a very complex task with so many opportunities for error if done by a non-pro.

How long can a patio door in Henderson last?

With regular maintenance and cleaning, a patio door’s lifespan can extend for up to many years or decades. You just to make sure that minor issues and damages get repaired quickly so they won’t cause bigger problems.

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