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The cost of having Cicero custom doors made depends on a number of things. This includes the material used to make the doors, the size and type of door and where it will be used. Manual doors are much cheaper to install than automatic ones. Also, doors of irregular sizes will cost much more to make than standard sized doors. A fiberglass door will cost much more than a steel door, while a wood door will cost just about the same as fiber glass, unless it is very high quality wood.

Estimated final cost for custom doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Exterior Door Cost 1 Door $3.25
Exterior Door Labor 3 Hours $125.41
Exterior Door Job Materials and Supplies 1 Door $22.30
Exterior Door Equipment Allowance $57.98
Totals - Cost to Hang Exterior Doors - 1 Door $208.94
Average Cost Per Door $208.94

How long will it take to install a custom door in Cicero?

It will generally take a few hours to install a door. Most Cicero custom doors can be installed within less than a day from the setup phase to completion. Replacing an existing door is easier and will take a shorter period of time, since the basic infrastructure of where the door will fit has already been made. This means that you do not have to cut any new holes to fix in the door.

What should I look for when hiring a custom interior doors contractor in Cicero?

You should hire a reliable Cicero custom doors professional who has experience. This means that someone who has the skill to do such jobs. The person should have installed many doors before. The contractor should also have an established business and good customer service.

What types of doors do Cicero custom doors professionals install and service?

Cicero custom doors contractors can install a wide range of doors. This varies from wooden doors, to steel doors, glass doors, French doors and even automatic doors. They can also install single doors and bi-fold doors, pocket doors, barn doors and even garage doors. Moreover, they do installations of doors whose sizes are larger than those for typical doors. However, for doors which are larger than typical doors, they will need to do some construction or reconstruction of the opening of the building, so that the new door can fit in properly.

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The design on the door, lighting used, and amount of glass also affects cost. If you want a plain, no frills door, it will cost you much less than a door which has intricate designs. Interior doors tend to be cheaper than exterior doors, since most exterior doors are heavier than interior doors and they use more material to construct.

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