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The most common and efficient way of removing tree stumps is to hire professionals that will come in and use grinders. Stump grinding Eastchester machines are equipped with large spinning blades that they can turn solid hardwood stumps into dust in a matter of minutes. This machinery also works its way up to the roots of the stump on the ground to ensure that the area where it is located will be turned into a lawn without any issues. This Eastchester stump grinding method is very efficient, yet very costly. Usually, the cost will depend on how many stumps have to be removed, the size of the stump, and the location.

Estimated final cost for stump grinding

Item Quantity Fair Price
Stump Labor 2 Hours $59.36
Stump Equipment Allowance $76.44
Totals - Cost to Grind Medium Tree Stumps - 1 Stump $135.80
Average Cost Per Stump $135.80

Will stump grinding Eastchester leave holes in my yard?

No. Usually, stump grinding service providers push the dirt and chips from the grinded stump back to the hole to ensure that there are no dangerous or unsightly holes in your property. In some cases, big stumps can leave behind mounds of chips.

Can I plant a new tree in the place of the grinded stump in Eastchester?

Yes. Stump grinding will remove the whole stump and its roots. You can place soil on the hallowed ground. You can then plant anything that you want, from trees to small plants.

If the stump is located on a hill, could it still be grinded in Eastchester?

Yes. Stump grinding providers use equipment and machinery that can be utilized and driven to remote locations. However, this type of job can cost higher than a regular stump grinding job.

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Some homeowners try to save costs by setting fire on the stump and burning the wood. Although this method works, it can be risky and may leave an ugly space in the yard. Some resort to using chemical solutions like potassium nitrate. It may not require too much labor, but chemical nitrate usually takes weeks to act on the stump and soften it. When it is soft enough, it can be manually removed. Other factors to consider that can affect the cost of stump grinding Eastchester are the location of the stump, type of tree, root systems, soil condition and clean-up and preparation before stump grinding Eastchester.

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