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Stump removal Westbury cost is usually determined by a variety of factors. Number one among these factors is whether you are planning to hire a professional or will do it on your own. It is important that before getting you stump removal Westbury project, you are aware of the cost and prices associated with so you will not get surprised in the end. The average cost of stump removal Westbury is between $97 and $179 per stump and may depend on its size. On average, the cost breakdown of Westbury stump removal is around $2 to $3 per diameter of the stump. If you do it yourself, though, it can cost you approximately $28 to $28.

Estimated final cost for stump removal

Item Quantity Fair Price
Stump Labor 2 Hours $62.29
Stump Equipment Allowance $75.92
Totals - Cost to Grind Large Tree Stumps - 1 Stump $138.21
Average Cost Per Stump $138.21

Is stump grinding different from stump removal in Westbury?

No. They are not different. Stump grinding is actually a method used by tree removal companies to remove stumps.

Can the type of tree also have an impact on the cost of my stump removal Westbury project?

Yes. In most cases, the type of tree should also be considered when it comes to estimating the cost of the stump removal project. The harder the tree stump, the costlier it will be.

Is there a possibility that a tree will grow after the stump has been removed in Westbury?

No. Stump removal companies always ensure that everything will be removed up to the last roots.

Find the Best Costs on Stump Removal - Westbury, 11590

Professional stump removal Westbury companies may charge their clients based on various criteria like the diameter of the stump, the number of stumps to be removed, and clearing the land after the removal. The average cost of a professional stump removal is around MIN_HOURLY%.Per diameter, the charge is around $2 to $3. Most companies have a minimum charge of $97. If the charge is by the number of stumps to be removed, companies may offer price breaks if you have more than one stump to be removed. For example, you may be charged $97 to $179 for your first stump, but the price may reduce to $30 or $50 for the succeeding ones. If you are planning on clearing a vast expanse of land for a landscaping project and there are a lot of stumps to be removed along with it, stump removal Westbury companies may charge you a flat rate fee. Usually, you may be charged $150 per hour. You may also be charged based on the average diameter of the stumps. For example, if the average diameter of the stumps is 12 inches and there are 200 stumps to be removed, that will be a total of 2400 inches to be cleared. At a rate of $2 per inch, you can be charged $4800 for the project.

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