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The cost of impact windows and doors in Oklahoma City varies based on different factors. One of these factors includes the type of finishing used. Fixtures that have a high quality finish will cost more. Look at the paint finishing and the silicone quality used on the joints. Always test the window first before buying it to ensure that it opens and closes easily and is generally functioning well.

Estimated final cost for impact windows and doors

Item Quantity Fair Price
Replacement Window Cost 5 Windows $1,282.18
Replacement Window Labor 12.3 Hours $493.73
Replacement Window Job Materials and Supplies 5 Windows $85.23
Totals - Cost to Install Replacement Windows - 5 Windows $1,861.14
Average Cost Per Window $372.23

What is the difference between impact windows and doors in Oklahoma City and standard doors and windows?

The main characteristics of impact windows and doors in Oklahoma City is the design, which consists of shatter resistant glass, which are usually securely fastened on an aluminum frame. The shatter resistant glass consists of two layers of tempered glass, which is bonded to a shatter proof membrane that is made using Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB). In case the outer glass breaks, the broken pieces will stick to the PVB film. On the other hand, standard glass is made out of float glass, therefore, when the glass breaks, the fractured pieces will scatter all over the place.

Can Oklahoma City impact windows and doors help to improve the energy efficiency in a house?

By all means. Oklahoma City impact windows and doors can be configured to have Low-E glass technology. This will significantly improve the energy efficiency of the house. Just make sure to let the Oklahoma City impact windows and doors contractors that you would like this feature included when you are making an order.

How can I be sure that the doors and windows I am buying are indeed impact proof?

The windows and doors must meet the standards set by a recognized testing board. To know whether the fixtures have been approved, ask your dealer to show you proof of this by showing you a Notice of Acceptance (NOA), which is normally issued by the county council. This document will include various details, such as the measurements showing the size of the doors and windows, the accessories, parts and materials it contains. The document will even show the date by which the approval will expire.

Are Oklahoma City impact windows and doors more expensive than standard windows and doors?

Impact windows and doors in Oklahoma City cost slightly more than standard windows and doors. However, if you factor in the losses you will get in case a disaster happens or the cost of the preparations you have to make in preparation for a major catastrophe, such as a hurricane, then you will realize that the impact doors and windows are much more economical.

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Labor expenses will affect cost of the installation. Highly trained Oklahoma City impact windows and doors professionals tend to charge more for their services. An untrained installer might be cheaper but they might not do a good job, which may cost you more in the long run, so always opt for someone who is experienced and trained.

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