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The rental cost for a quality Broken Arrow portable toilet is determined by the scale of the toilet, its purpose, the date of when it will be rented and the duration of the rent. Renting a portable toilet during weekdays on a short-term basis can amount from $150 up to $250. However, this price fluctuates when the toilets will be rented over the weekend or during holidays. A standard portable toilet can cost from $160 to $290 over the weekend and holiday. A deluxe portable toilet can cost as much as $800 over the weekend and holiday. A portable toilet for handicapped people is estimated to be between $59 to $273 if rented on weekends and holidays.

When is the right time to book a necessary Broken Arrow portable toilet rental?

The booking date would depend on your needs and on what time of the year it is. Some companies prefer their clients to book their rentals for special units like the deluxe and handicap toilets in advance from 3 months to a year from the actual date of the event. However, if all you need is clean and sanitized portable urinal and corner toilets, some rental companies can accommodate your needs within 48 to 72 hours of notice.

When are the units usually delivered in Broken Arrow?

Typically, if the event will be held over the weekends, most portable toilet rentals carry the unit late Friday night then just collect it at the venue the following day or Monday. If the delivery schedule of the rental company is earlier and is not permitted in the event, they make arrangements to meet the requirements of their clients.

What is usually included in the rental cost of a portable toilet in Broken Arrow?

The rental price typically covers the delivery of the unit, the collection of the unit, and the disposal of the waste. If the portable toilets are rented for a period of time like for example a week, additional costs for the maintenance and sanitation may be included in the price.

Is it possible to rent a portable toilet for a day?

Yes, definitely. Most rental companies accommodate one-day rentals. However, the price may vary whether the rental date will fall on a weekday or weekend. If it is a weekend, they might deliver the unit by late Friday and will be collected the following Monday. In case you need to have the toilet collected immediately after the event over the weekend, you will need to pay extra charges.

Can a portable toilet be placed anywhere in Broken Arrow?

Most rental companies require their clients to save a place for the portable toilets at least 20 to 40 feet of the vehicle access. This setup will enable them to clean and collect the portable toilet quickly and without any hassle.

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Long-term rental of a portable toilet in Broken Arrow could cost less as the majority of rental companies offer discounts and special promos for this sort of arrangement. Other things to consider when estimating the cost of the rental is the location of the event. Portable toilet rentals are considerably higher when your position is in remote or hard to reach areas or outside the service area of the company.