Cost to Top Quality Refinish a Bathtub in Sharon Hill for the Right Price

$477 Cheap
$678 Great Price
$880 Costly
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For a bathtub reglazing in Sharon Hill, the majority of homeowners invest between $477 add $880, with the standard charge priced at approximately $400. If a homeowner gives consideration to the many fees relating to replacing, refinishing appears to be a really huge deal. Aside from that, for those who have an irreplaceable vintage or rare bathtub, there is a possibility of just wanting to retain the bathtub to maintain the allure of the decor or the historical correctness it offers in an aged home.

Estimated final cost for bathtub refinishing

Item Quantity Fair Price
Bathtub Labor 12 Hours $615.33
Bathtub Job Materials and Supplies 1 Bathtub $63.74
Totals - Cost to Reglaze Bathtubs - 1 Bathtub $679.08
Average Cost Per Bathtub $679.08

Is the new finish the same as the original finish?

It is not. Anyone who also hints that it can be porcelain is misleading people. To be able to copy a porcelain finish, the installation has to be fired inside of a kiln at around 2500 degrees which is not very effective inside a house. It is a synthetic that as soon as it's placed, it hardens to a lovely glossy porcelain-like shine. Finishing solution undergoes a distinctive process that is formulated particularly for bathtubs. It is laboratory-tested to meet superior standards of item capabilities and level of quality.

Will my refinished bathtub in Sharon Hill look like it has been painted?

It is a well-known misconception within the bathtub refinishing sector. A person's bathtub will never be like it was painted, considering that the product normally used is a lot more like a coating than normal paint. In fact, a lot of specialists pride themselves on the truth that it can be very difficult for any unaccustomed eye to see the distinction between a completely new bathtub and another that's been refinished.

How much will I save with bathtub refinishing in Sharon Hill as opposed to replacement?

Bathtub refinishing in Sharon Hill can definitely save you hundreds of dollars compared to bathtub replacement. Although a completely new tub could possibly cost only $300, at this time, there are frequently hidden fees to replacement that usually include removal and disposal charge, plumbing modifications, and tile work. These kind of fees can mount up, and you could easily wind up having to pay nearly $2500 to change your bathtub. The price tag on refinishing differs according to the size of your tub.

Can I choose a different color for my bathtub in Sharon Hill?

Yes, you can definitely change the color of your bathtub. Just get in touch with the nearest bathtub refinishing contractor near your area and discuss with them your preferences.

Find the Best Costs on Bathtub Refinishing - Sharon Hill, 19079

A lot of charges comes along with bathtub replacement. From the cost of purchasing a new bathtub, the labor cost of demolishing the old bathtub, removal of plumbing and fixtures and the surrounding floors, it will surely burn someone’s pocket. However, a regular bathtub refinishing in Sharon Hill performed by a professional can save a homeowner from all these charges. It has been guaranteed that as soon as the tub is refinished, it's almost impossible to tell it apart from a brand new one.

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