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Home addition Philadelphia cost will depend mostly on what addition will you want to add to your home. Its size, the complexity of the design, workers, and its location will all have an impact on the cost of your home addition Philadelphia project. The size and complexity of your project will determine just how many contractors, electricians, licensed plumbers, carpenters and even decorators you will need to accomplish your project. Add to that the cost of the inspection before the commencement of the project. If your Philadelphia home addition is a big project, it is advisable to hire a general contractor. Get biddings and estimates from several contractors within your area to know the overall cost of your project. General contractors will take care of managing your project from the beginning to the end. They will also provide the manpower needed and the materials, so that will save you a lot of time hiring different persons and purchasing your construction materials. Additional work like replacement of old pipes, repairing or replacement of floorings will also add to the overall expense.

Should I consult with an architect or go straight to a contractor in Philadelphia?

The most practical way to deal with this situation is to hire a design contractor. Design contractors will handle not just the building of your home addition; they will also take care of the design and secure the permits needed for the project. If you chose to hire a separate architect and contractor, you would need to go back and forth between the two entities when a problem arises during the project. You will also have to take care of the printing of the new plan and securing the permits which will cost you a lot of time and effort.

Why is it that same home addition Philadelphia projects have different prices in different cities?

It is because cities and municipalities have different regulations and policies to implement when it comes to home construction and improvement. The price may not change a lot. However, contractors tend to charge their client based on the location. For instance, a home addition project will be more affordable in rural areas than in cities.

Can I hire an unlicensed contractor in Philadelphia if he seems to know what he is doing?

NO! Even if they give you an affordable project price, don't get fooled. Most of these contractors do not guarantee their work, and you may end up regretting everything in the end. A home addition is an investment. Therefore, you should make sure that your money is being spent on professional and legal jobs only.

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When planning a home addition Philadelphia project, always make sure that you discuss your budget with your contractor. Also, make it a point to add extra budget for unexpected events like emergency repairs or purchasing of special materials. If you are on a tight budget, do your home addition project one at a time. With enough patience, you will finish everything in time.

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