Cost to Top Quality Pick Up an Appliance in Mitchell for the Right Price

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$133 Costly
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Appliance pick up Mitchell cost may depend on the number of appliances that you want to pick up and how much load they will occupy in a truck. Some service providers may also charge you per appliance that will be picked up. The trucks used by Mitchell appliance pick up companies have different sizes. The truck sizes can come in 20 feet, 40 feet, and 60 feet sizes. Some companies offer smaller trucks and much bigger trucks to accommodate the number of appliances to be picked up. A 20 feet truck can accommodate a 40 cubic feet of appliance load and can cost between $50 to $80. A 40 feet truck can take approximately 60 to 80 cubic feet of appliance load and may cost around $60 to $90. A 60 feet truck can be loaded with 80 to 100 cubic feet load of appliances and may cost $70 to $100.

Estimated final cost for appliance pick-up

Item Quantity Fair Price
Appliance Labor 2 Hours $62.05
Appliance Debris Disposal Costs $23.40
Totals - Cost to Remove Appliances - 1 Appliance $85.45
Average Cost Per Appliance $85.45

Can I hire an appliance pick up Mitchell company to dispose of my appliances?

Yes. Most appliance pick up companies can bring your appliances to recycling facilities and landfills. Some even offer free pick up so you might want to check out some service providers within your area.

Are there any appliances that pick-up companies in Mitchell will refuse?

Yes. Some appliance pick up companies have restrictions when it comes to the appliances that they will pick up. Appliances that have broken glasses, have leaking chemicals on it or are rusty are some of these appliances.

If my appliances are going to be picked up to be disposed of, is there any preparation that I need to do?

Yes. Some companies for instance would require you to remove the doors of refrigerators and freezers. Gas ranges and stoves must also be cleaned.

Find the Best Costs on Appliance Pick-Up - Mitchell, 57301

If the Mitchell appliance pick up provider is charging by the kind of appliance that you will load on the truck, you will be provided with a price list. For example, a refrigerator can be picked up at $15 to $20. The stove can cost around $13 to $16. The prices may vary depending on the service provider and the location. Some appliance pick up Mitchell providers also charge transportation fee. If the appliances will be picked up from a lot of distance, it will cost more. An average homeowner is estimated to spend around $150 to $450 for an appliance pick up service.